“The Relentless Terry Fox” in Maclean's Magazine April 1, 2005

Maclean's Magazine published a good story about Terry Fox by Ken MacQueen their April 1 issue, titled The Relentless Terry Fox.

MacQueen accompanied Fox for three days along the Marathon of Hope back
in 1980, in Ontario.  He gives some of the background stories,
about some of the frustrations on the tour, the sacrifice of Darrell
Fox's high school graduation ceremony so he could join his brother
Terry, the anguish of Betty Fox “giving up two sons to the road.”

“It was a stupid thing to do,” says Betty Fox reflecting on her son's
quest to run across Canada on one leg, “really stupid.” 
“It was supposed to happen,” she says next
reflecting how all the pieces fell into place to create one of Canada's
singular moments of history.  “I believe he was supposed to get
cancer. And do this run
for cancer research.”  Then, as with a tear wrenching realization
she concludes, 
“He wasn't meant to . . . to live.”

MacQueen also reflects on how true the Terry Fox Run Foundation has
stayed to Terry's wishes.  There is no corporate sponsorship, no
endorsements, no event or company tie-ins.  It is a very lean
operation that Terry's brother Darrell runs as national director of the

Attending the Canadian Mint coin unveiling at Simon Fraser University
on March 14th, MacQueen sees all the people who played important roles
in Terry's development and his dream; his parents and siblings, his
coaches, his best friend Doug Alward, his friend Rick Hansen. MacQueen
poses the questions about how rare an occurence a Terry Fox comes along
in a country's history, and concludes that Terry Fox had a tremendous
support system.  Rick Hansen called his old friend “the instrument
of a dream” and says, “The vision behind it is so captivating it doesn't always just depend on one individual.”

 It's a good story.

For my personal account and pictures of attending the coin unveiling click here.

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