Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team practice review and weekend plans

Hi everybody

Good but small practice on wednesday night.
We had the minimum of 10 paddlers going out - then we
picked up Ashley at the Dragon Zone dock.

People really enjoyed the smaller practice with more
focus on individual attention. Big big differences in
people's improvement by the end of the practice.

More emphasis on:
1) posture (sitting upright),
2) keeping the top hand outside the boat
3) Reaching forward more
4) exiting sooner before your knee
5) get the paddle DEEPER - only the shaft is visible
above the water.
6) less splashing - less white water

Thanks to everybody participating in the UBC sports
Kinetics survey by Meaghan McDonough. This will help
develop learning standards in the dragon boat
community. I have surveys for people who missed
filling it out on Wednesday.

Unfortunately a number of people have classes on
Wednesday or were sick. Bob and I have decided that
for future Wednesday practices will start at 6pm, and
we will be on the water from 6:25 to 7:25. This will
ensure people will not be late coming from work, or
rushed in traffic. We believe a higher quality but
shorter practice will be more beneficial to everybody.
Please park your car in the lot north of Columbia
street, or on West 1st ave. and walk to the DBA


Lotus Sports Club Regattaa - see
for info and maps

Bob Brinson will be coaching his Ft. Langley team
"WOW" aka Women On Water - come out and hang with the
team, maybe... become a mercenary paddler on another
team - or VOLUNTEER! It's a great group of people and
a fun small race of usually 12 to 16 or 20 boats.


We will have a dragon boat practice this Sunday 2pm at
DBA Warehouse compound 215 West 1st ave. Many people
are out of town as well. So this is a good time to
bring a friend who is interested as well. Focus will
be on paddling techniques.

Please bring an idea of what you would like to improve
on. eg. paddling technique, reach, exit, posture,
endurance, strength, mental focus, visualization.

Cheers, Todd

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