Gung Haggis dragon boat team APRES-PADDLE PARTY @ The ROXY

Come to our Paddlers' Appreciation Party…
because we appreciate how hard you paddle.
We appreciate how hard WE PADDLE….
FREE Tickets available…

Sunday – June 19th
7pm to 1am
@ THE ROXY nightclub
932 Granville St.
between Smithe and Nelson
Advance tickets only from Gung Haggis Fat Choy team members
tent #141

Tickets give you:
This is a gift from our sponsor The Roxy
We are pleased to help create a new Apres-ADBF paddling party
Sunday Nights are “Country Nights” at the Roxy – Be sure to bring your
boots and hats!

Congratulations to the PH&N Horny Goats dragon boat team who won
$1000 team sponsorship money by having the most team members attend our
June 5th 3-in-1 Paddler's Party – @ The Roxy, The Cellar and Doolin's
Irish Pub.

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