Mike Dangeli… new works for First Nations artist

Mike Dangeli is a very cool guy.
It has been a privilege to work in his studio “House of Culture” while
Bob “Rabbie” Brinson and I are carving our “Scottish-Chinese-Canadian”
Dragon Boat head for the Sea Vancouver Festival.

Click here to see pictures of our Dragon Boat head carving

Check out Mike's works of art, and if you call him up, say “Toddish McWong sent me!”

New work by Mike Dangeli

Check out my photos

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Hey there,
month has gone by and I have produced some more work for the world (and
myself) to enjoy. I am in the beginning stages of planning a special
Feast and will be having many works dedicated strictly to that so I am
eager to share those when they come to life…until then…Mike

View New work by Mike Dangeli

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