Watch CBC TV! “What Are You Anyways?” Jeff Chiba Stearns animated special of Mixed Race Hapa-ness

Watch CBC TV!  “What Are You Anyways?”  Jeff Chiba Stearns animated special of Mixed Race Hapa-ness.

7:00pm CBC TV 

Friday, August 12, 2005

I met Jeff at the Vancouver Public Library's Japanese Canadian Cultural
Fair.  He and his girlfriend are delightful.  He is an
animator.  “What Are You Anyways?” tells the story of growing up
with parents of different ethnicitis (Japanese & British) in a
small Canadian town (Kelowna)

Jeff's father is Scottish-German-British-Canadian and his Mom is Japanese-Canadian

When Jeff's parents blended their DNA together to create a baby….

became a hybrid of Japanese-German-Scottish-Brittish DNA… and started
down the road of cultural misidentification and finding out who and
what he really was!

Jeff Chiba Stearns and real life girlfriend Jenni Kato both grew up in
Kelowna BC, and now proudly embrace and promote their half-Japanese
cultural identity – photo Todd Wong

Check Jeff's website:

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