Terry Fox Run: TV stories… Darrell Fox on treadmill at BC Cancer Agency

friend Aislynn Drysdale paddled this year on the Gung Haggis Fat Choy
dragon boat team.  She also works at the BC Cancer Agency, and
made arrangements for City TV to do a story with Darrell Fox. 
She is also planning on running the Terry Fox Run and is welcoming pledges.  Here is her message…

Subject: We are on TV!

I secured Cindy Leung
from City TV to do a story on the treadmills with Dr Ling and Darrell Fox
running on them.  Darrell Fox’s message is inspiring and Dr Ling
thanked myself and my colleague on Television which is wonderful as it will
probably help me boost my pledges!  I would love to forward a picture of
the four of us-I will send it by email.

For the television story
it will air on City TV- on channel 13-they are doing three days of Terry Fox
stories and cancer research.  Please watch.  It will air either
today, tomorrow or Friday and should be around 6:20-

Aislynn Drysdale

As you know I have worked on the Terry Fox Run this
year.   To boost training and fundraising for the run I have asked
Guideline fitness to donate treadmills to the research centre-we have fun
challenges going on like pledges to see other people run and to train for the
run coming up on September 18th, 2005.

Terry Fox ran 42 kilometres everyday for cancer research —how
far will you go for your co-workers, friends and family?

We have Jack Fm coming on Friday for a party and we will
be broadcasting live (community cruiser) on Friday, September 16 between 9 and
11 am if your available — listen in on what the research centre is doing to
highlight the run.

CTV has gotten wind of this and is now asking to do a story on
what is going on here ……

This year is the 25th anniversary of the marathon of
hope..  (I will let everyone know when the broadcast will air)

My friends Carl, Julie and I are going to be a part of this walk
and if anyone would like to pledge us that would be wonderful- I would love to
challenge and showcase Carl’s athletic ability why don’t we put a
challenge on?

As Terry said in

“If you’ve
given a dollar, you are part of the Marathon of Hope.”

Pledges can be made online and you can put them under mine or
Carl’s name—of course tax receipts will be issued by the Terry Fox
Foundation.  Please just pick icon-donate to a participant.

Full names are Carl Sloane and Aislynn Drysdale of the BC Cancer

here is the link


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