Raymond Louie and George Chow, Vancouver city council candidates host fundraiser dinner in Chinatown

My friend David Wong sent me an invitation to join him attending a
fundraiser dinner for Vancouver city council candidates Raymond Louie
and George Chow.  I first met Raymond Louie when he attended the
inaugural ACWW Community Builders Dinner organized by Asian Canadian
Writers Workshop

He's been active as a city councillor
pretty well since.  We both attended the opening of the Three
Pioneer Canadian Families exhibit
organized by the Chinese Cultural
Centre Museum and Archives, since he is a descendent of H.Y. Louie,
and myself from Rev. Chan Yu Tan.  In 2002, we were both active in
helping to bring Taiwanese Dragon Boats to Vancouver, and Raymond raced
Lori Fung in the very first flag grabbing race in Canada on Taiwanese
dragon boats for a media demonstration race..

Below is David's message.

Two good friends of mine are running for Vancouver City office this
Fall.  They are Raymond Louie and George Chow.  I am supporting both of
these fine-upstanding-young-men, not because they are Chinese
Canadians…but because they are long term Vancouverites, have real
community experience and are intelligent – imagine that.

I’ve know George for over 30 years, and he was one of my first boss (along
with Hayne Wai, Gordy Mark, and Fred Mah – all real leaders in our
community now) whilst we were telling the world of this new community
effort called the CCC (Chinese Cultural Centre).  

I was fortunate to spend a bit of time getting to know Raymond Louie
during our recent trip to China with Mayor Larry to kick off 20 years
of Sister Cities (Vancouver and Guangzhou).

I would like to invite all of you to join me in buying a couple of
tables for these two long time Vancouver boys and support their bid in
becoming  (and remaining) City Councilors.  Drop me a note and help me
lose my voice cheering on Raymond and George…

I’ll also show you how to heckle some of those other wannabes, free of
charge, from me the Bad boy from the East Side.  Email me soon and show
your support, because I will be leaning on you with Guido, Luigi and
Ho-Fat if I don’t hear from you soon, Capische?

not known to mince my words, respectfully yours,


David H.T. Wong MRAIC

Check out David's own website at www.generasian.ca

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