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Peace Forum Concert featuing Shari Ulrich

Peace Forum Concert featuing Shari Ulrich
Meena Wong, Deb Martin, Shari Ulrich,
Ellen Woodsworth, and Shari's daughter Julia – all enjoy some moments
together after the concert – photo Todd Wong

The World Peace Forum featured performer Shari Ulrich who brought with
her the Note Bene Choir, whom she is a member of.  The No Shit
Shirleys also performed, but we missed them because we were still at
the BC Book Prize soiree.  

Shari performed a fabulous concert accompanied by her 15 year old
daughter Julia on violin + friend on piano.  Next she brought up
the Note Bene Choir, and performed a few songs as a choir member. 
Then… it was time for more Shari Ulrich.  She told stories about
her songs, one of which was about her premature separation anxiety
about her daughter growing up and leaving home (which she hasn't

Shari  grew up in San Francisco, and shared that after the student
deaths at Kent State due to protests against the Vietnam War and civil
unrest,  she decided she couldn't handle it and decided to come to
Canada.  In Canada she performed music with Rick Scott (another
ex-American)  and Joe Mok, as the musical trio Pied Pumkin. 
She also performed with Valdy and the Hometown Band.

Shari's final song was “Wherever You Go”, as the choir came back to
join her.  It is my favorite Shari Ulrich song – the one that when
I hear it, I always say “I really like this song.”

BC Book Prize Soiree: Another wonderful party with great authors and prizes

BC Book Prize Soiree: Another wonderful party with great authors and prizes

Saturday night, April 22, at the Crush Champagne Lounge, the BC Book
Prizes held their annual soiree with lots of guest authors and silent
auction prizes.  Many of this year's nominated authors were in
attendance and the winners will be announced next week at the Marriot
Pinnacle Hotel on April 29th.  This soiree party helped to kick
off BC Book and Magazine Week in Vancouver.

Click here for the Finalists for the BC Book Prizes:

Stan Perskey is a finalist for the Hubert Evans non-fiction prize for
his book, “The Short Version: An ABC Book.”  I first met Stan
while I was taking courses in Political Studies at Capilano College in
the 1980's.  He was an amazing instructor, and I learned a lot
about critical thinking and writing from him, as well as political
activism (photo Deb Martin).

Roxanne has written an interesting book about a gay man who is Filipino
and a dancer.  She is now looking for a publisher.  I told
her I would introduce her to the Asian Canadian Writers' Workshop
(photo Deb Martin).

The BC Book Prize soiree is a great place to meet lots of interesting
people.  Tini and Roxanne are a daughter-mother creative
team.  Tini is a visual artist, while Roxanne writes.  Annie
and Amanda are also writers who are now interested in dragon boats,
since I told them about the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat
team.  I think I have to write a book about dragon boats now.
(photo Deb Martin).