Gung Haggis team getting ready for ADBF weekend!!!

Gung Haggis team getting ready for ADBF weekend!!!

We are TENT #41 – in racer's village
We are hanging out with the “P's” – because we have been assigned next to the Phillipine Youth Rowing Society.  We are helping to host the PYROS team.

PYROS has brought at least 12 paddlers as of today. They will need more paddlers to help them.

Their first race is #10 at 9:39
I will be there on site earlier than 9am.
I will check with them…
If anybody is ready to go – please meet at tent by 8:30pm

Otherwise – please meet by 9am.  Our first race is 11:07.
But… things could go early.  We need to start warm ups by 10 am and be ready to marshal by 10:20am.
Our second race could be in race #40 (if we finish 4th or 7th) or race # 42 if we finish 2nd or 5th, or race # 44 if we finish 3rd or 6th)

Cool Stuff

ADBF VIP party
Steven Wong & I were at the ADBF VIP party until 8pm
We said hello to his baby brother Peter, who is former chair of the ADBF, and also to his uncle Milton, who is one of the founders of the ADBF.
Also there… Larry Ho, ADBF race organizer and dragon boat coach, who has offered a guest coaching session for Gung Haggis. 
City Councilor Heather Deal… who bikes everywhere… and one day I will get into a dragon boat.
Sonny Wong, former manager of ADBF, who also was best man at my wedding (in a previous lifetime).
Don Montgomery, executive director of Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society, also known as explorASIAN – Don has done all of the festival programming for the CBC World Beat Stage.
Jessica Jade Chan – editor for Ricepaper magazine
Brian Sullivan – vice-president for explorASIAN / VP for UBC Student Services (Brian loves the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinners, and always invites a table full of students)
Joy Lin-Salzberg – President of explorASIAN
Brian Veitch and Denaly Barrera of Storyeum – we chatted about the possibility of hosting an event for Chinese head tax payers, spouses and descendents at Storyeum

More Cool Stuff…
We met some of the team members at Brasila Exotica restaurant tonight for some dinner
organized by Julie and Wendy….
I brought my accordion to the restaurant and played a few songs.
(O Solo Mio, Beer Barrel Polka, Hungarian Dance #5)
Then Marian played accordion too… (She played Loch Lomand and I sang)
Did you know that Marian is a music teacher?
Did you know that Marian teaches accordion?
How did she find herself with the Gung Haggis team where the coach also plays the accordion!!!

Beware… the nickname committee starte up tonight at the restaurant
I think my nickname is “Todderful”

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