Kilts Night Vancouver – moved to 1st Thursday of the Month

Kilts Night Vancouver – moved to 1st Thursday of the Month

It's a wee tradition in Vancouver to wear your kilt on Kilts Night.  Kilts Night started at the Atlantic Trap and Gill a few years ago… but moved to Doolin's Irish Pub
Jan 1st Kilts Night at Doolin's

Doolin's Irish Pub
654 Nelson Street at Granville Street Vancouver BC

Here's the invitation from Bear:

All right lads and lassies,

It's time to get Kilts Night going again.

We've changed Kilts Night to the first Thursday of every month because
the Halifax Wharf Rats play live on Thursdays and there isn't the wall
to wall crush of people there is on every Saturday at Doolin's.  So come on out, bring your friends, have a Guinness, stomp your feet,
and let's have a good time!  (I'm told the ladies have missed us and our kilts terribly. Let's not
let this travesty continue! We must alleviate their pain!)


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Kilts Night at Doolin's where we meet a lovely lass wearing a black pleated plaid.

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