The 2006 Hawaii earthquake – from Kapaau

The 2006 Hawaii earthquake
– eyewitness account from Kapaau

Quake Damage: The Kalahikiola Congregational Church, built in the Kohala district more than 150 years ago, after Sunday's temblor
The Kalahikiola Congregational Church, is just up the road near Kapaau.
It was built 150 years ago, in the Kohala district, but was damaged in last
Sunday's earthquake.

What would you do if a big earthquake hit your home?

Last week at 7:07 Sunday morning, October 15th, the island of Hawaii
was rocked by a 6.6 earthquake followed by a 5.8 aftershock. 
Hawaii is one of the most intercultural cultures I have ever
visited.  I love Hawaiian culture.  The town of Kailua-Kona
sits on the west side of the “Big Island” of Hawaii, home to two active
volcanoes:  Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea.

Many years ago I experienced an earthquake in San Francisco, a few
months after the big one in 1989.  I was sitting in the War
Memorial Opera House, when I felt somebody kicking the back of my
chair.  I turned around to tell them off – then realized I was
sitting in the last row.  My friend and I were watching the
San Francisco ballet.  We sat and watched as people stood up and
immediately started walking towards the exits.  Many people
stayed.  The ballet dancers continued their pas de deux.  We
continued to watch people stand up after and leave during the applause.

My friend now lives in Kapa'au on the northern tip of the island
of Hawaii – north of Kailua-Kona, with their family.  We chatted on the phone a
few days after the earthquake.  Things have settled down.

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