CBC Lotusland Saskachewan (CHOW) documentary about Janice Wong tonight

CBC Lotusland Saskachewan (CHOW) documentary about Janice Wong – tonight December 22.

It was a tasty trip down memory lane for Janice Wong at her dad’s old restaurant.  
Chow” Author Janice Wong is featured in the CBC documentary “Lotusland Saskatchewan.

spring and summer, Janice Wong (my 2nd cousin-once removed) did some
filming with producer Costa Maragos for a documentary about her, and
her book CHOW. 

Janice will also be featured in the Generations documentary about the
Rev. Chan family descendants.  Costa also produced the Generations Saskatchewan documentary.

Janice wrote me:   

Lotusland Saskatchewan (Chow) documentary has been rescheduled to run tomorrow night (Friday, December 22) during the CBC National, 10-11 pm…but,
as it goes with short documentaries during the news broadcast, there is
still the chance that it could be preempted again.

If you'd like to catch up on the latest news about CHOW you can visit www.c-h-o-w.blogspot.com

To view the CBC web page that chronicles the documentary, visit www.cbc.ca/sask/features/lotusland

The Lotus Cafe  
The Wongs sold the Lotus Cafe in the 1970s.  Courtesy Janice Wong

Here is an excerpt and link to the CBC documentary:

It took just a few moments for the memories to come flooding back as
Janice Wong and her mother entered the kitchen of the old Lotus Cafe in
Prince Albert.

“Mom, look at the old dishes,” said a surprised-sounding Wong, who was in the central Saskatchewan city on a visit from Vancouver.

“The same dishes my mom purchased for the restaurant 50 years ago. So neat to see them again.”

“Those are the originals,” replied Janice's mom Mary, a touch of a smile playing on her lips.

So began their trip down memory lane.

Wongs, Janice’s dad and mom, Dennis and Mary, and her uncle Cecil,
opened the Lotus Cafe on Central Avenue in 1956 and operated it for
almost a quarter of a century.

The mini doc is available on the net until the next broadcast of The National.  

http://www.cbc.ca/video  pick the national.

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