Gung HAGGIS RAP Choy – Robbie Burns Address to a Haggis set to rap music

– Robbie Burns Address to a Haggis set to rap music

To my dear Scottish

literary friends…

musical friends…

intercultural friends…

Here is something to welcome Robbie Burns Day Eve.

My new musical gift to the world for Robbie Burns Day:

You guy are in INSANE!!  :-)
That's hilarious - I love it!!!!
- Heather Pawsey, opera soprano


(see MP3 attachment below)

performed by
Toddish McWong & Joseph McDonald w/Brave Waves
produced by Trevor Chan  – The No Luck Club Mix

Todd Wong aka “Toddish McWongis a 5th generation Chinese-Canadian who has been holding “Gung Haggis Fat Choy:
Robbie Burns Chinese New Year dinners for 10 years.  He is also a writer
and poet, and plays a mean but joyous accordion.

Joseph McDonald
is a multi-generational Scottish-Canadian
bagpiper/singer/songwriter and has performed at every Gung Haggis Fat Choy
dinner since 2001.  He is leader of the band Brave Waves .”

features new world music fusion with bagpipes, South Asian tabla drums,
chinese flute, sitar + other
world instruments.  The bagpipe instrumental track titled
Haggis Fat Choy” and is available on the Brave Waves album
Havens of Light

Trevor Chan
is Canadian born mastermind behind “No Luck Club“,
Chinese-Canadian instrumental hip hop band.  No Luck Club is
recently returned from a cross-Canada tour, and released their album
“Prosperity.” In 2005, No Luck Club released a mash-up titled Our
Story, that included historical quotes about the Chinese head tax.
Listen to it on
No Luck Club on or Dogma Radio



SEE the Live performance of Gung HAGGIS RAP Choy, at the 10th Annual Gung
Haggis Fat Choy: Toddish McWong's Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Dinner.

January 28th, Sunday 5:30pm
Floata Restaurant
#400 – 180 Keefer St .
Vancouver Chinatown

Tickets available from Firehall Arts Centre 604-689-0926

Fundraiser for Asian Canadian Writers' Workshop / Ricepaper Magazine, Joy
Kogawa House, and Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team

And now the guidelines…

This music file is intended for personal use only…

Please do not post in public or play in public or for profit, without

For written permission contact:

Todd Wong  

phone:  778-846-7090
e-mail:  gunghaggis @ yahoo .ca

Joseph McDonald


Copyright 2007, SOCAN

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