Easter Skiing at Silver Star

Easter Skiing at Silver Star

Lots of sunshine… unlimited visibility… and pretty good spring skiing on top of Silver Star- photo Brett Baker

skiing in the sunshine, what could be better exercise than paddling a
dragon boat in April?  This is the 2nd Easter that I have found
myself skiing at Silver Star.  This is where I really learned to
ski.  We used to have family ski vacations at Silver Star when I
was a kid.  Mom and Dad used to pull my brother and me out of
school for a week in February and enrol us in ski lessons.

Star has a wonderful hosting program called Ski Partners.  If you
are new to the mountain, or a single skier, you can find a ski host to
give you a tour of the mountain, or show you the best runs of the
day…. absolutely free!

Relaxing in the sunshine on top of Silver Star…

year I met a very friendly man named David Todd, a transplanted Scot,
who had actually watched the CBC Gung Haggis Fat Choy television
performance special a few years ago.  We had a some great chats on
the lifts and enjoyed a round of beers later. 

on Sat 22 Apr 2006 02:39 AM PDT

year I was again greeted by David Todd.  But he suggested I go
with one of the younger ski partners, a large friendly man named Brett
Butler.  I had also met Brett last year at Long John's Pub, as
part of the Ski Partner's “debriefing session.”  I soon discovered
that Brett had grown up in Vernon and we were both the same age. 

showed me the runs off the Powder Gulch Express.  Holy Smokes and
The Face, along with Whiskey Jack and Big Dipper were some of the runs
that we enjoyed.  After that we retired to “The Den” to meet up
with David Todd, another ski partner named Don, some more skiiers…
and to watch the Vancouver Canucks beat the San Jose Sharks on the
large screen tv's!

With David Todd, Brett Baker, Don, myself, + more skiiers… having beers in “The Den” at Silver Star during “apre-ski” time.

on Sat 15 Apr 2006 11:54 PM PDT
Silver Star mountain.   And my guide was speaking with a
Scots accent. I asked him if he was from Glasgow, and his mouth dropped
in amazement. He asked how I knew that. I showed

on Tue 18 Apr 2006 12:13 AM PDT
Silver Star had been in 1977, when I was still 16 years
old. The resort has changed, and grown HUGE. My body has changed and I
can't do the same ski ballet or freestyle

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