Toddish McWong learns Irish Step Dancing on Granville Island

Toddish McWong learns Irish Step Dancing on Granville Island

I went paddling in a marathon canoe with Gung Haggis paddler Art
Calderwood. We heard celtic fiddle music as we paddled into Alder Bay
behind Granville Island. And of course I had to check it out.

Imagine our surprise to discover the Violet Moore Irish Dancers on stage with Delhi 2 Dublin – with Kytami fiddling away!  

had attended the first Delhi 2 Dublin event at the 2006 Celtic
Festival, and loved the energy that Kytami brought to the stage. Delhi
2 Dublin blends celtic fiddle tunes with bhangra beats, and they performed at the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival in 2006.  Here's my story about my first Kytami/Delhi 2 Dublin experience:
my first Kytami/Delhi 2 Dublin experience on St. Paddy's Eve.

they asked for audience volunteers to learn ceil dancing for Bridge of Athlone…. I was there! So was Gung Haggis paddlers Steven Wong who
had been sitting in the audience. It was great fun, learning to Irish
step dance. We shall have to organize a ceil dance party for Gung
Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team, food and social club.

After I stepped off the stage and outside the Performance Works building, I met the New Works producer Barbara Clausen, who had hired dancer/choreographer Andrea Nann to do some workshops in Vancouver last year.  I love Andrea…  She worked with author Michael Ondaatje and choreographed some dances based on his works for explorASIAN in 2003.  Andrea came and performed a dance for the Save Kogawa House Nov 12 Special Concert awareness event at the Vancouver Public Library in 2005.  I think it would be fun to work together with Barbara Clausen on a Gung Haggis Fat Choy type of project.

Barabra hasput together and incredible array of Sunday events at Ron Basford Park on Granville Island as part of New Works “All Over the Map” Dance and music series.  Two weeks ago our dragon boat team paddled by Granville Island and hear the Japanese Taiko drums of Uzume Taiko.

Next up for “All Over the Map”:

July 29th – Feel It!
– Tango Paradiso Ensemble with Dancers
August 12th – Shake it!
– Guinean Dance and Music with Kocassale Dioubate and friends
August 19th – Hit it!
– Traditional Indonesian Dance and Music in partnership with the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia.

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