Raymond Louie demonstrates his reach as a flag grabber for the 1st ever Taiwanese Dragon Boat demonstration race.- photo courtesy of Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society.

Vancouver Councillor Raymond Louie knows dragon boating. He knows it's
important to Vancouver's cultural, recreational, economic and
environmental communities.

Raymond paddled with the Vancouver Sun team during the 1990's. 
He also raced bicycles in the Tour de White Rock, and the Gastown Grand Prix.

2003, Raymond was Canada's first dragon boat flag catcher along with
Olympic gold medalist Lori Fung, when they participated in the first
demonstration race for the inaugural Vancouver International Taiwanese
Dragon Boat Race. 

Raymond also helped the Taiwanese Canadian
Cultural Society stickhandle through bureaucracy to ensure the boats
arrived on time for the Labour Day 2003 Taiwanese Cultural Festival during a Vancouver
Ports strike. 
special “flag catching” dragon boats were donated to the City of
Vancouver, by the Taiwanese Government and the people of Taiwan – which Raymond helped to facilitate.

“Motor-less Marina” are the words Raymond uses to
describe the recreational benefits for False Creek's East Bay – East of
the Cambie Street Bridge. He has also served as Co-Chair, Steering
Committee for the redevelopment of Southeast False Creek.

is someone who can not only bring together voters from different
political parties, but he also offers leadership that brings support
from the multi-varied ethnic communities that define our city.

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Raymond holds Tartan Day proclamation with Gung Haggis Fat Choy's dragon boat team's Michael Brophy and Todd Wong + bagpiper Joseph McDonald. As deputy mayor, Raymond read the Tartan Day that he helped move through Vancouver City Council. Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team then went out on the water for their April 6th “Tartan Day” dragon boat practice.  photo Todd Wong collection.

offers a clear vision of a city where no one is left behind, and a
civic administration that is not only experienced, but also offers an
opportunity to unite neighbourhoods, ethnic communities, and supporters
from various political backgrounds in building a progressive and
sustainable city.

Raymond offers the experience and knowledge
with the City of Vancouver that he has demonstrated with his two terms
on City Council and as serving as a Director of Metro Vancouver(GVRD)
and TransLink.

It is an amazing opportunity to have the very real possibility to elect the first dragon boat Mayor of Vancouver.

Please register with Vision Vancouver so you can vote for Raymond Louie:

The deadline for signing up new Vision Vancouver members is Thursday, May 15.

There are two ways you can help get people to join Vision Vancouver and vote for Raymond:

Volunteer to Pick Up Forms: Help pick up membership forms from other
supporters in the evenings, Sunday thru Wednesday. Please call
604-724-4307 to volunteer a couple of hours this week.

Sign-up: Download a membership form by clicking here and return it to
Raymond’s campaign office at 1327 Laburnum St. by May 14, 10 PM. Call
604-724-4307 for more info on dropping off your forms.

Join Councilor Raymond Louie for Mayor (facebook group)

Join Dragon Boaters for Raymond Louie – Mayor! (facebook group)

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