Gregor Robertson and Vision/COPE/Greens win Vancouver elections!

2008_Nov15 016

I go to the DTES to hand out voting
pamphlets at Oppenheimer Park along
Hastings St. to Strathcona Community

COPE victory party at COPE headquarters

Vision Vancouver party at Hotel

Gregor Robertson wins Mayor

2008_Nov15 047 by you.

Andy Miller, Stuart Mackinnon, Andrea Reimer and Kerry Jang – photo Todd Wong
Raymond Louie, Heather Deal, George
Chow, Kerry Jang, Andrea Reimer, Tim
Stevenson, David Cadman, Suzanne Anton,
Geoff Meggs and Ellen Woodworth are on

Stuart Mackinnon on Parks with
Constance Barnes, Aaron Jasper, Raj
Hundal, Sarah Blyth, Loretta Woodcock,
and Ian Robertson

2008_Nov15 075 by you.

Todd Wong (CUPE 391) Geoff Meggs councilor-elect, Sarah Blyth Parks Board-elect, Joe Smith Vancouver fire fighters)

Nov 15th 2008 Vancouver Civic Election

Nov 15th 2008 Vancouver Civic…

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