Documentary film producer Halya Kuchmij thanked by Rev. Chan Yu Tan family.

120 years ago in 1888, Rev. Chan Sing Kai arrived in Canada.  He was later followed by his younger brother Rev. Chan Yu Tan in 1896.  Their sisters Phoebe and Naomi followed afterwards.  The family helped to found and support the Chinese Methodist Church in BC, and also spread to the American states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Illinois and the Canadian Provinces of Ontario and Alberta.

Generations: The Chan Legacy aired all across Canada on CBC Newsworld on July 4th, 2007 and repeated throughout July and August as the lead episode in a 7 part series of Canadian families called Generations.

2008_Nov15 079 by you.Halya happily holds up her award for “Best Picture” – photo Todd Wong



11am – 1pm

Floata Seafood Chinese Restaurant

#400 – 180 Keefer St.

Vancouver Chinatown

Halya Kuchmij returned to Vancouver for the first time since filming for The Chan Legacy in October 2006, and members of the Rev. Chan Legacy committee aggreed to:

  1. Give Halya a gift of appreciation for the wonderful work that she did in creating
    and telling the story of Rev. Chan Yu Tan and his family descendants.
  2. Have
    a family get together (not a reunion) to celebrate the television documentary
  3. Celebrate
    120th anniversary of Rev. Chan Sing Kai's arrival to Canada in 1888.

family members were interviewed for the documentary.

  • Victor Wong WWII veteran
  • Helen Lee – lived in Nanaimo as a child with Rev & Mrs. Chan Yu
  • Gary Lee – actor/singer
  • Janice Wong  – artist and author of CHOW
  • Todd Wong  – multicultural activist
  • Tracy Hinder P
    – 2005 BC Canspell Champion
  • Rhonda Larrabee  – Chief of Qayqayt First Nations

2008_Nov15 099 by you.98 year old Mabel Mar looks over family pictures with Janice Wong, daughter of her cousin, and Mabel's youngest daughter Sylvia. – photo Todd Wong.


2008_Nov15 086 by you.

Halya Kuchmij, Todd Wong and Col. Howe Lee.  All have played roles in helping to tell the stories of pioneer Chinese-Canadians.

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