Cardero's Restaurant in Coal Harbour

Where to best show “Vancouver” scenery and cuisine to a Torontonian… and make them wish they lived in Vancouver?2008_Nov15 107 by you.Cardero's is my new favorite restaurant for lunch. I went with my friend Halya Kuchmij, the film producer of the documentary Generations: The Chan Legacywhich is about the story of my great-great grandfather Rev. Chan Yu Tan, and the community contributions of his descendants – including me!

Halya and I met for lunch on Monday, November 17… Initially I had thought to take her to Granville Island – but on an inspiration I decided to check out Cardero's in Coal Harbour.  I hadn't been there for years… 

We took a short walk beside the Westin Bayshore Hotel while we waited for them to set up for lunch. The fog had lifted off the water.  We saw sea planes taking off, and a large catamaran yacht moving towards us.  I pointed out some of the local land marks such as HMCS Discovery. 

2008_Nov15 106

This was our shared plate: Ahi tuna, Yellow Fin tuna, Tiger prawns, oysters – with dipping sauces.  The green stuff is crunchy vegetable stuff.  It was perfect with the yam fries.  Wonderful think crunch yam fries.  Tuna sashimi that melts in your mouth.  And a view of the harbour to rival anywhere in Vancouver.

2008_Nov15 103

The view from North Vancouver in the morning… Fog draped Coal Harbour and Burrard Inlet – photo Todd Wong

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