YES to Coalition Rally in Vancouver

2008_Dec 022 by you.

A YES rally for the Coalition of the Liberal/NDP/Bloc Quebecois opposition to lead Canada's government was held Thursday at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre.

2008_Dec 010 My Friend Charles Demer with his friends holding a YES sign.

2008_Dec 020

Vancouver City Councilor Heather Deal was the first of guest speakers.  Standing beside were where councilor-elects Geoff Meggs, Andrea Reimer and Ellen Woodsworth.

2008_Dec 026

Next to speak was Liberal MP Herb Dhaliwal.

2008_Dec 033

NDP MP Peter Julian gave a rousing talk.

Yes Coalition Rally in Vancouver

Yes Coalition Rally in…

2 thoughts on “YES to Coalition Rally in Vancouver

  1. Anonymous

    This so-called “crisis” is probably one of the most mis-informed issues in Canadian politics.
    There is no “treason” on the account of anybody. If there had been, the Bloc Quebecois would not be allowed to be out of jail. The Bloc Quebecois promote Quebec issues, in the same way the former Reform Party was created to promote “Western issues.”
    “The Bloc Québécois was started in 1990 as an informal coalition of Progressive Conservative and Liberal Members of Parliament from Quebec” (see Wikipedia: Bloc Québécois)
    Gee…. just like the present Conservative Party started as a coalition between the Reform Party and the Progressive Conservatives.
    Frome wikipedia:
    “The Bloc Québécois (BQ) is a federal political party in Canada that defines itself as devoted to both the protection of Quebec's interests on a federal level as well as the promotion of its sovereignty.
    Remember that it was Harper who sponsored the Conservative motion in the House of Commons motion on November 27 that “the Québécois form a nation within a united Canada.”


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