Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team: Next practice Sunday 11am + Tuesday practice review

Gung Haggis Fat Choy paddlers are paddling into shape

Next practice is Easter Sunday 11am, followed by Tuesday 5:45pm

or if you need to have lunch time free…
join Gayle Gordon's G-Force Wind at 9:45am/10am to 11:30 on the water.

is video that I filmed on Tuesday evening, April 7th.  Last year we used video for a paddle clinic with former Olympic kayaker and FCRCC dragon boat coach, Kamini Jain.  see Kamini Jain gives paddle clinic to Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team

I will analyze the video with
individual paddlers at the next practice.  But for now… please enjoy for
what it is… seeing a dragon boat team practice from a drummer/coach's position at the front of the boat.

this first video – Gayle and Wendy are leading at an easy pace.  Then
you can hear me call a power series.  The camera focuses on Wendy
first, then Gayle, then afterwards we can see more of Keng and Hillary
in the 2nd seat.

how much both Wendy and Gayle rotate and reach forward.  This is
Wendy's 4th year with Gung Haggis, after joining as a rookie in 2006. 
By 2007, Wendy had advanced to become a lead stroke.  Gayle has paddled
about 20 years on many competitive and high recreational teams.  You
can watch and see the difference of power that Gayle generates with her
body.  Special note is to watch Gayle really extend her outside
shoulder on her reach.  It almost “pops” forward for those extrat 4

2009_April 071 by Toddish McWong

this second video, you can see an actual start.  Six slow powerful strokes, followed by 12 quicker strokes, then settling into race pace. Watch how vertical the
paddles are at the start and Wendy and Gayle keep the paddles vertical
as they paddle.  Vertical paddles are important to get a stronger
stroke and avoid “slippage” from angled paddles.  As the boat
accelerates, you can really see the effort that Gayle and Wendy, and
Hillary (behind Gayle) make as they pull together with each reach.

This is Hillary's 3rd
season with us, and Keng's 5th season after joining us after Alcan Festival in 2005.

the 3rd row, Christine is on the left and Ashleigh on the right. 
Christine has paddled only about 6 times ever on a dragon boat so
far… Ashleigh has paddled since 2005, but missed Alcan races in 06
and 07 due to living abroad.  Mid strokes in the middle of the boat are
Stephen Mirowski (left) and Gerard Graal (right).  Stephen joined us in
2006, after moving from Thunder Bay where he had paddled 1 or 2
seasons.  Gerard joined us in 2005 along with his wife Keng.  You can
really see the rotation that Stephen has, and how he emphasizes a
vertical paddle, while keeping his top arm lower so he can see over his

2009_April 072 by Toddish McWong

see you next Tuesday…

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