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Terry Fox Run in Richmond BC – Great weather and community fun!

Terry Fox Run in Richmond BC always has a great community support
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BC and McNair High School cheerleaders encourage Terry Fox Run
participants and give high-5's as they cross the finish line at the
Richmond run site at Garry Point Park on September 13th, Sunday.

2009_Terry_Fox_Run_Richmond 004

Volunteer Lindsay Pagnucco holds up one of the many Terry Fox Run t-shirts on sale near the registration tent.

2009_Terry_Fox_Run_Richmond 025
Bagpipe Noel Chalmers, Dr. Andrew Wang and Terry's Team member Todd Wong

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Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie walks with the crowd to the start line.

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Platform party for the 2009 Terry Fox Run in Richmond
BC: Terry's Team member Todd Wong, warm-up leader, Mayor Malcolm
Brodie, John Yap MLA, Dr. Andrew Wang (Terry Fox Lab), Councilor
McNulty, Miss BC Sandra Gin, Noel Chalmers (bagpiper).

2009_Terry_Fox_Run_Richmond 038

Andrew Wang of the Terry Fox Lab in Vancouver gave a brief but
excellent talk about how the monies raised are used at the Terry Fox
Lab for cancer research – describing some of the important research
that they do.

3 Days of Accordion Noir Festival – playing circles, films, concerts + more

Accordions, Accordions & more accordions at Accordion Noir Festival – Sept 10,11 & 12.
2009_Sept_Accordion_Noir_Festival 044 by you.
Accordions “Squeeze Box Circle” is led by Rowan Lipkovits (front right with big red accordion) at Spartacus Books.  Usually the 1st Thursday of the month – this session was Sept 10th as a special part of the Accordion Noir Festival. Out-of-towners came from Lasqueti Island BC, and Bellingham WA.  I didn't bring my big Titano accordion – but I did play somebody else's Faoro accordion.