Todd Wong visits the Minus 5 Ice Bar at Monk's

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My girlfriend and I went to the “Minus 5”
ice bar at Monk McQueen's Restaurant – VERY COOL!

We also took a ride on the
Bombardier street car – also quite cool.  The street car follows historic street car tracks that are still in use for the summer.  It travels from Olympic Village station, just West of Cambie Str. Bridge, and ends at Granville Island.

On Granville Island, we visited Swiss Haus aka
Bridges Restaurant – mildly cool – but slow service – not cool!  I have been to Bridges many times, but mostly during the mid-80's, then again after dragon boat practices in the late 90's and early 00's, so I know it well.  It will now be a 2nd home to many of the Swiss athletes, and site of celebrations after medal ceremonies.

But we had the most fun at the Ice Bar!!! 
For $25, they give you a token for a special vodka martini, a parka and gloves to help keep you warm.  The gloves are important because the cups being used are all made of ice!

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There are fantastic ice sculptures!

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Our wonderful host Karlyn, and our bartender Jill.  Jill has worked ice bars in Montreal, and is thrilled to be back in BC, as she is a Victoria native.  She told us stories about working in the cold, and how it affects your physiology.  She warned us about drinking our drinks quickly, because the alcohol can melt through your ice glass cup, if you are not careful.

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These Vancouverites were doing the same thing we were: checking out venues before the crowds!

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We tried to see if our tongues would stick to the ice sculptures.

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Very cool was the bench made of ice, covered with caribou pelts…

Then I thought… “what if… we did a photo… with only the fur pelts?”

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Not bad for my age… I think… but I could have flexed my pectoral muscles more.

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Jill thanked us for creating the highlight of the evening for her.  It was a lot of fun.  I have now declared Jill to be my favorite bartender in Vancouver!

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