Monkey King comes to East Vancouver – House Festival's “Chasing the Monkey King”

Subject: Kung fu on the roof, music for the heart, tea for the soul
heard right. If you weren't tempted by the gorgeous music, the
delicious tea, the enthralling stories, the mesmerizing contact
juggling and the challenging calligraphy workshop, then perhaps the
idea of seeing incredible martial arts on a rooftop will incite and
excite you to partake in this once in a lifetime In the House show.

April 5th, we invite you to “Chasing the Monkey King” to experience
echoes of ancient China through a thrilling range of performances and

Date: April 5th, 2010
Time: There are 3 shows
available. When purchasing tickets or reserving, please make sure you
let us know whether you want the 7 pm, 8:15 pm or 9:30 pm show. There
are a maximum of 30 people per show so don't miss out!.

Where: 2495 Wall St.

Tickets: $18 adult
$13 kids and members

Tickets and information on In the House are available on-line at;

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