Todd's birthday agenda

My birthday was actually yesterday.
Busy day considering I did nothing.

Deb took me out for Birthday Eve supper Ciao Bella Restaurant Davie & Alberni St.

Morning:  Went to work with Deb – as we are using the PAL Theatre
(Performing Arts Lodge) where she works for my 50th Birthday party this

9:30am – meet Dad for breakfast – go to Denny's for free breakfast

11am – do some reading 3rd book of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Millenium Triology

2:30 – go to Lynn Valley – walk across Suspension Bridge

4pm – go for haircut @ 2nd St. & Lonsdale

6-7:30pm – Coach Gung Haggis dragon boat team

7:30pm – Birthday Party at paddler's condo near Science World

9pm – watch Canucks lose… then surprised with Dairy Queen frozen
strawberry cheesecake with candles “5” and “0” burning bright.

Drink more beer and cider.

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