Who are the most culturally diverse candidates in Metro Vancouver?

Who are the most culturally diverse candidates in Metro Vancouver?

Meena Wong is running in Vancouver South for NDP.

It's been an interesting 2011 Federal election campaign with the “ethnic vote” becoming an election issue.  See these stories:

'Ethnic costumes' controversy follows Conservatives to Toronto rally

Election Analysis: Pitfalls emerge when wooing ethnic voters

New Canadians question chase for 'ethnic vote'

‎My friend Meena Wong is the NDP candidate in Vancouver South.  Meena has been an advocate for
families, immigration, human rights and equality. Last federal
election, she was working hard on Don Davies campaign and helped get him
elected in Vancouver Kingsway.  
Meena has
stood on the lines with us for Head Tax Redress, and helped lead the
protest march in Chinatown in 2006.
She has been a friend for many years,
and calls me “brother” – and asked for my support. Unfortunately Wai
Young isn't getting any support from her brothers and sisters.
  Vancouver Conservative candidate in legal fight with family

Ujjal Dosanjh is the incumbent Liberal MP, is former BC NDP Premier, and has long been active on issues of human rights, and attends many cultural events in the community.  Dosanjh has been supportive of the Historic Joy
Kogawa House, and the Chinese Head Tax Redress – he was the one who
found the 2nd opinion for the Liberals' after their dissasterous ACE
program was rammed through by Raymond Chan.  Ujjal's campaign is hoping that Meena takes votes away from
Conservative Wai Young – who is having a lot of troubles.

Taleeb Noormohamed in North Vancouver, is the first Ismaili candidate is running for the Liberals.  He is described by the Georgia Straigjt as a “young Ismaili dynamo who will probably make it to Parliament at some point in his life.” 

In Vancouver Centre, Hedy Fry is the incumbent Liberal MP, born in the Caribbean, and has a strong support in the Vancouver gay community.

Libby Davies has been NDP MP for many years in Vancouver East.  She has attended many different cultural events of the year, including Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinners.

Don Davies is the NDP incumbent MP for Vancouver Kingsway.  I first met him a few years ago, at a dim sum lunch organized by Meena Wong.  Davies has been very supportive of Chinese Canadian issues such as the Chinese Head Tax Redress campaign.  He attends many cultural celebrations in Vancouver Kingsway and is very supportive of Vietnamese events.  He has also attended many Gung Haggis Fat Choy events.

See the Georgia Straight for their suggestions on voting:

The Straight slate for the 2011 federal election | Vancouver

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