Chung Collection archives has a picture identified of the wrong family

My grandmother mentioned that there was a picture of her and her family in the Chung Collection, wrongly listed under Yip Sang family.

“12 Children” ia



My grand Aunt Helen Lee was a featured interview in the CBC Documentary “Generations: The Chan Legacy.”  Gordon’s son Gary, was also a featured interview in “Generations: The Chan Legacy” 

Daniel Lee, has been featured in many films about Chinese Canadian veterans, and a video is featured on the  Canadian Veterans website.

Howard, Daniel, and Leonard all served during WW2 for Canada.  Daniel was a founder of Pacific Unit 280 veterans and received many veteran service awards and medals. Here is a good story of his contributions.

You can browse the Chung Collection digital archives here:

Also Check out the Chung Collection blog:
they referenced my blog as having  “written some nice personal reminiscences and a round up of news articles here.”

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