Gung Haggis dragon boat team has a wet day at the races… advances Sunday morning to Race 63 10:12am.

Gung Haggis dragon boat team Sunday morning Race 63 @10:12am. Paddlers please arrive by 8:45am.  

A 1st place finish will go to Rec D Final… 2:03pm  Three Fastest 2nd from Race 59,61,63,65,67 to Race 84 – any thing slower and we go into the consolation races prior.

Today was a great day for dragon boat racing at the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival – if you were a duck!

The heavey rain that got everything wet sucked – but team attitudes were great!!!
1st race – new seating orders, brand new drummer Deborah, 1st race anxiety jitters… and a time of 2:43-something…
– good race – but we still had gas in the tank.

2nd race – more seating changes, another brand new drummer Diana, rate was a bit high, timing went in and out by the 1st half – and we started to burn ourselves out… but by the 1/2 mark, the rate came down, and the timing came together – and we had a strong finish… with a time of 2:42.470.
So despite spinning our wheels and going out of time, we still improved!

Each race is a learning experience for our rookie paddlers – and our veteran paddlers are providing good leadership and knowledge.

Tomorrow we will bring down the rate for the start… and have a good steady, strong race.


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