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UBC gives degrees to 76 Japanese-Canadian students who were interned in 1942

UBC Remembers the Japanese Canadian Students of 1942

special to – By Allan Cho
On one sunny day in May 22, 2008 — Mary Kitagawa wrote to President and Vice Chancellor Stephen Toope inquiring about the possibility of UBC honouring its Japanese Canadian students who were taken out of university and put into internment camps.   In 1942, William Lyon McKenzie King’s government followed the American lead and removed 22,000 innocent Canadians of Japanese descent from the coast to prison work camps by separating the men from their young families – the War Measures Act, it was called.  The 76 UBC students were not exempted from this mass removal.
Mary Kitagawa’s 2008 letter was passed on to the Chair of the UBC Senate Tributes Committee.    Mary’s long and arduous cause for justice took four years and numerous campaigns to the media including the Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association Bulletin, Nikkei Voice, and the Vancouver Sun.  On October 5, 2011, UBC promised Mary that it would honour and recognize the former 76 UBC students, educate future UBC students about this dark episode in the form of an Asian Canadian Studies program; and also to have UBC Library preserve and bring to life the historical record.
On May 31, 2012, appropriately on the final day of Asian Heritage Month, these 76 students (some of them family representatives for those who passed away) were honoured at the Spring Convocation at the beautiful Chan Centre.   The classy evening tribute included a speech by Arthur Miki, an excerpt of a play “Shadow Catch” by Michael Mori, and “Songs from the 40’s” by Dal Richards which brought the audience back to the eve of war time in Canada. 
There was not a dry eye in the house as 92 year old Canadian music legend Harry Aoki walked across the stage to accept the degree on behalf of his brother, Ted.  At times, President Stephen Toope’s voice cracked at times, as he tried to hold back emotions of the evening’s procession.   Although many of the students of 1942 had passed on, their descendants and families did them proud by continuing and realizing their journey in Canada. 
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      In 1942, Roy Oshiro had just written his first exam at the University of British Columbia when he was told he wouldn’t be coming back.

Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team races their first race of the season

June 3rd Dragon Zone Regatta @ Creekside Community Centre.

Back row: Sabina, Anne D., Karl, Pedro, Marc, Gerard, Pierce, Christian, Todd.  Front row: Anne C., Jenny, Suzanne, Steven, Keng, Debbie, Deb, Gio, Caroline, Xavier, Walter.
Great day of paddling for the team! We raced with 18 paddlers and focused on the development for our 5 rookie paddlers. We can see our potential as a team, as we addressed technique and rate issues… And… we had lots of fun! That is success! Congratulations to our team members.


Our first race was in a BuK boat with a time of 3:01.870

This is a video of our 2nd race.  We came 3:01.430 in a Gemini boat.
Marc smiles, while waiting for our 3rd race.  We came 3rd in a Gemini boat with a time of 2:59.800.  Hurrah, we broke 3 minutes!

Toronto author Jan Wong brings a story of discrimination, betrayal, illness, justice and recovery to Kogawa House,

We had a good event at Kogawa House with author Jan Wong – check out for information on Jan Wong’s new book.  Jan is the author of Red China Blues and Beijing Confidential.  She was the former bureau Chief for the Globe & Mail, where she was also a features writer.  For many years her column “Lunch with Jan Wong” was one of the most highly read articles as she lunched with celebrities… and wrote about what was said, and not said… eaten and not eaten…

Lunch at Kogawa House was very nice – my pictures are here:

Jan spoke about the issues of big corporations such as the Globe & Mail, and Manu-Life insurance being dysfunctional and pathological.  When she was denied sick leave from G&M, Manu-Life was also secretly video-taping her at speaking events for her book Beijing Confidential.  When you trust the company you work for, and are willing to go find the stories for the same company – it was a tremendous betrayal to Jan.
Jan Wong’s self-published memoir hits bestseller list. Out of the Blue is currently No. 77 on’s Top 100, and 46 on Indigo’s Top 50 list. Oh… and this book which also describes her “divorce” from the Globe & Mail, where she was a star reporter and features writer – is also on the G&M best seller list too!