50 Pounds of Haggis now ordered…

– photo T. Wong

I just ordered 55 pounds of haggis for the Gung Haggis Fat Choy Robbie Burns dinner.  I always talk to Peter Black & Sons in early January.  I have been using their haggis since about 1990.   They are the largest distributor of haggis in Western Canada.  The Blacks have a special family recipe that is different from a traditional lard recipe.  I admit that the first time I tried haggis, I gagged.  I don’t like the lard recipe.   There are many different recipes with varying quantities of suet, oatmeal, spices and meats.  Some recipes don’t even have organs other than liver.  I describe this mixture to being like a nice liver pate with oatmeal.  I have used Black’s haggis for haggis chili, stir-fried haggis with rice, haggis hash with scrambled eggs…. but my favorite is Chinese style with lettuce wrap – which we also serve at the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner.

– photo T. Wong
This is what the haggis looks like after the Chinese chefs at Floata restaurant prepare our haggis.  We have our own secret recipe for mixing the haggis with other Chinese spices and ingredients.  Many of our event patrons say they have never seen people eat up their haggis so quickly.  Yum Yum!
I first created haggis won ton in 2003, when I presented a gift of food to CBC radio host Shelagh Rogers, when her show “Sounds Like Canada” was moved to Vancouver from Toronto.  I felt that the culinary fusion of Scottish and Chinese traditional foods represented the new generation of Canadians that is descended from BC’s original Scottish and Chinese pioneers.
– photo T. Wong
This is Adam Black, son of Peter Black, at the store in Park Royal South.  The store is located in the “Market Place” section near the Extra Foods large grocery store.  Adam has always been very helpful when I drop by and ask questions.  The store always features great selections of meats, and I have always been happy with the products whether it is blood sausage, chicken cordon-bleu, or various cuts of beef steaks.
– photo T. Wong

And today… I also bought 6 of the Scottish Beef Sausages.  I asked Peter how they are different from regular beef sausages, and he said it was a family recipe.

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