Dragon Boat Festival is happening!

We had the Gung Haggis Chinese parade dragon out & about at the Dragon Boat Festival @ Creekside/Olympic village. We salsa danced, posed with little children and VIP’s, and saluted the Abreast in a Boat ceremony!

Jenny leads a little dragon dance, while a performer sings a special song about dragon boat paddling.


Todd, Jennifer, Enzo Guerriero (Festival Board), Andrea Reimer (city councilor), Carson, Barry (TSA team), Caroline.


Raymond Louie (City Councilor) and Todd.  Raymond used to paddle with a Vancouver Sun team
back around 1997.
We met stilt walkers!
We ham it up with the pizza guys…

One thought on “Dragon Boat Festival is happening!

  1. Lynda

    I love this! I am a Programs Coordinator at a Seniors Centre and was battling with the decision of celebrating Chinese New Years or Robbie Burn’s birthday while you decided they weren’t mutually exclusive! Well done, Toddish McWong. Just a question: I would like to rent/borrow/buy cheaply a dragon head like yours for display for our little celebration – could you steer me into the right direction as to where I can find one?

    I’ll come find you at the next boat race!


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