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One year ago… I was paddling a dragon boat flotilla to accompany the

One year ago…  An Olympic flame was carried by an Italian-South Asian-Canadian Olympic kayaker on False Creek…..

and I was paddling in the accompanying flotilla from the dragon boat and outrigger canoe community.

Olympic gold medalist canoeist Hugh Fisher carries the Olympic Flame, along Granville Island.  Hugh helped to found the False Creek Racing Canoe Club for the inaugural Vancouver dragon boat races in 1986, held during Expo 86.


The Olympic torch has been passed – to Kamini Jain, Olympic kayaker @ 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens Games, from Hugh Fisher, gold and bronze medalist paddler at 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. – photo Todd Wong.

We launched the 6 dragon boats and 6 outrigger canoes from Vanier Park, @ Kits Point, right beside the Coast Guard Station @ Burrard Marina.  I was lead stroke with Marina McCready, formerly of the False Creek Women's Team.

we were part of a flotilla of 6 dragon boats + 6 outrigger canoes,
that accompanied the torch bearers in a voyageur canoe and a dragon
boat = 140 dragon boat paddlers + 45 canoe paddlers = 185 paddlers + 2
torch bearers!

Hugh Fisher with his 1984 kayaking medaling partner Alwyn Morris.  Morris is Mohawk First Nations, and was a torch bearer on the Kahnawake Reserve outside of Montreal.  It was Morris, a full-blooded Mohawk who held up an eagle feather on the medal podium, after they received their gold medals for the Men's K-2 1,000m race at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

Kamini took a picture with me and my friends Lisa and Gio – who was born in Italy!  Kamini was born in Tripoli, Libya, with South Asian and Italian ancestry.  Lisa and I are both multi-generation Canadians – she was born in Winnipeg, and I was born in Vancouver.

see more pictures on my Flickr account:

Feb 12 Dragon boat for Olympic Torch Relay

Feb 12 Dragon boat for Olympic…

149 photos, 3 videos

See last year's story:

2010 was a great year for the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team

Gung Haggis dragon boat team at
Rio Tinto Alcan Festival – a mix of veteran and novice paddlers that
proudly made it to Rec B medal finals!
Scottish Robbie Burns music and poetry
+ Chinese New Year food and culture
+ BC history with Scottish & Chinese pioneers

= Gung Haggis Fat Choy

was a break through year for the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team. We
started paddling in January then took a break for the Olympics. We
celebrated with a big Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner at Floata where we
first met a Chinese lass born in Scotland, who came to join the dragon
boat team, starting the string of Irish, Yorkshire, French, Belgian and
Australian visitors to Canada who came to paddle and race with us.

Dragon boat races found us first time in A Division at
Lotus Races with the Community Spirit Award, in Rec B at Rio Tinto
Alcan Festival with a silver medal in Senior B Race, Silver medal and
2nd overall at Richmond with 1st prize of free entry for 2011 in the
challenge race. We partnered with Spirit of Vancouver and went to Banff
for a silver medal in C Division. In Ft. Langley both teams were in
the A Final. Wow!

As well, the Killarney Cougar Dragons Junior team benefitted from coaching of Todd Wong and Steven Wong, for the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival in June.  Killarney won Bronze medals for a 3rd place finish in the Junior C Division.  It was a sweet accomplishment, because the team has finished out of the medals in C Division for the past 2 years, after winning a silver medal in D division for their first year of racing.

2011 is year 10, of the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team, paddling
every year @ Alcan Races and beyond since 2002.  It is also year 15 for a
team that started in 1997 under the name Celebration Team and for which
the Gung Haggis Fat Choy Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Dinner event was
created as a fundraiser for in 1998.  This is the only team that has
twice won the Hon. David Lam Award for the team that best exemplifies
the multicultural spirit of the dragon boat festival (2001 & 2005)

We will paddle throughout the Summer, entering races at least once a month, and finishing with one of the most fun events on  Thanksgiving weekend, Saturday October 8th
– the Ft. Langley Cranberry Festival Canoe Regatta.

We have unlimited team registration to join our “paddling and social club”
– but race events are limited to 24 paddlers + drummer + steers.
(20 paddlers in a boat + 4 spare paddlers) – we rotate everybody fairly, and nobody
sits more than one race (unless they choose, or special circumstances).

$110 Team registration includes practices, boat rental, coaching + equipment. 

Each race event will have a varying price depending on the cost.  From $40 to $20,
as the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival team entry
is $1800,
and Lotus Regatta in Burnaby is $500. 
RTA is 2 day event with 2 races per day + special races,
one day regattas are usually only 3 races.

Looks like
we will have a strong team for 2011. 

This is the 10th year of the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team,
which actually started in 2002 under then name Celebration. 

We have really enjoyed meeting lots of new paddlers
and welcoming back our veteran paddlers.  Everybody has such a great positive spirit.
We want 2011 to be lots of fun, filled with new friendships + race results to rival last year:

In 2010, we placed Rec B @ Rio Tinto Alcan DB Festival and won silver in Senior B.
We won silver 2nd overall at Richmond and won the steering challenge
We went to Banff and won silver in C division.
We placed 2 teams in the A Finals at Ft. Langley.

teams over 10 years have raced in Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna,
Burnaby, Richmond, Steveston, Vernon, Harrison, Cultus Lake, Ft. Langley
+ Banff AB, Kent
WA, and Portland OR….

You don't have to paddle every race. 
Pick and choose where and when you want to race.

We are now looking for race events to fill our
summer, and are currently looking at:

May 7 – Lotus Sports Club, Burnaby – Confirmed
May 29th – Dragon Zone regatta – Confirmed
June 11/12 – Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival – Confirmed
July 16th Saturday – Richmond BC (UBC Rowing Centre) – Confirmed
July 23 Saturday -Harrison BC @ Harrison Hot Springs

Aug 13 & 14 – Vernon or Victoria – RECOMMENDED

Aug 20 – Steveston Last Gasp

Aug 27 & 28 – Kelowna DBF

Sept 10 & 11 Penticton – RECOMMENDED

Oct 9 – Ft. Langley – RECOMMENDED


Gung Haggis Fat Choy paddlers bite their silver medals at Richmond Dragon Boat Festival – 2nd place overall, and 1st in the steering challenge race.

Gung Haggis paddlers preparing for Ft. Langley Cranberry Festival Canoe Regatta

One more Paddle Race – Gung Haggis paddlers preparing for Ft. Langley Cranberry Festival Canoe Regatta

Gung Haggis is NOT racing this Sunday for UBC Day of the Long Boats...
but if you want to check it out – go to Jericho Beach / Sailing &
Paddling Centre and watch the 10 person voyageur canoes going out on
Saturday and Sunday.  Community Teams (non-UBC) race on Sunday morning
early around 8-8:30am then again around 12-12:30pm

– as usual – we take out two 10 person boats, for race simulations and
working on our turns.  It's been real exciting as the two boats race
through the turns together.

– same as above – but we have to take lights out on the boat.  Dusk arrives early and it gets dark quicker now.

OCT 9TH SATURDAY – Thanksgiving Weekend

Arrive about 8:30am for the pancake breakfast – set up tents
first race is 10am – marshall at 9:30am.  more details to come.

We have 24 people for two 10 person boats
always carry spare paddlers and rotate everybody, so that we will not
be short on race day, and we can be inclusive and have more fun with
friends.  this means 2 people will sit out each race.

3 years
ago, we helped to invent the Chili contest at the race.  Hillary and
Deb have been our chili chefs in the past – Hillary has won Best
We need a new
Chili chef for this year – who will volunteer.

This year – there is a costume contest for all the teams – I have offered to donate a prize.

Karen Ranalletta and Dave Samis are team captains.

Traditionally – we organize the two teams into A and B teams.
One team encourages veteran paddlers to race to their best potential and push it.
One team encourages newer paddlers to have fun, and veteran paddlers to support them.

2009_Oct_Ft_Langley_cranberry_canoe_race 111 Lead stroke Tzhe Lam pulls the Gung team away from the beach after picking up the beach runner.

2009 saw our A team make it to the A Final – with 10 men + 1 women

Gung Haggis paddlers compete at Ft. Langley Cranberry Festival Canoe Regatta: 1st in B Final 5th in A Final

2008_Oct 035 Boats go head to head around a turn with Alissa Fletcher in lead stroke for Gung Haggis team in 2008.

2008 saw 2 boats miss the pumpkins, and finish last and 3rd last in the B final – but have lots of fun.

Sun shines on Ft. Langley Cranberry Festival Canoe Regatta – Gung Haggis places 2 teams in A Final

Cran Fest final 0927 Martin

2007 saw the B boat beat the A boat

Gung Haggis paddlers place 1st and 3rd in B Final for Ft. Langley Cranberry Festival Canoe Regatta

Brand New Creekside Community Centre opens

Creekside Community Centre opening ceremonies on Saturday

It is an environmentally friendly building that recycles rain water.  It was used as an administrative centre for the Vancouver 2010 Athletes Village.  It will now be a training centre for elite athletes with
Canadian Sport Centre Pacific sport performance lab for registered athletes.  It will also be a paddling centre for dragon boats, kayaks and canoes.  It's the brand new Creekside Community Centre.

A First Nations drum and song were performed as part of the opening ceremonies.  Conferring over the agenda are City Councilor Heather Deal and Parks Board Chair Aaron Jasper.  In the red jacket, Olympic alpine slalom skier Bret Janyk waits.
– photo Todd Wong

A volunteer prepares to cut the special cake made in the shape of the award winning community centre.
– photo Todd Wong


The cake from a close-up overhead view reveals the words “Experience recreation at Creekside” – photo Todd Wong

We took members of the public out for free dragon boat rides – of course, they had to paddle.  We matched each brand new paddler with an experienced paddler.  Laurel is in the front row on the left.  Garrison is in the second row on the right. I am third row on the right. Former Parks commisioner Christopher Richardson is behind me on the right.  Kim is paddling in the 5th row.  Guillaume is steering.  Jessical Bently gave coaching/drumming instructions from the front and took the picture on Richardson's camera. – photo by Jessica Bentley for Christopher Richardson.

Training Gung Haggis dragon boat team for voyageur canoe races

Training Gung Haggis dragon boat team for voyageur canoe races

We worked hard tonight… and had some fun, chasing a dog's
ball in the water at David Lam Park bay – when the ball was too far for
the dog to find it.

Last week we were in a 10 person Swift boat, and we raced another team, also in a 10 person boat.  But they had 10 paddlers + steers, we
had 7 paddlers + paddling steers.  We agreed to a race with a 200m sprint, a left turn around a moored boat, then back to our starting position.

It was an exciting start, as both boats pulled even, then they
pulled ahead with more momentuum.  By the 200m mark they were ahead by 2 lengths.  We had the inside on the
left turn, spiked the turn, and presto!  We were 1 1/2 lengths ahead…
they tried to catch us as we raced back to the sculpture at David Lam
Bay – be we stayed ahead by two
seats.  It was lots of fun.

Tonight we met the same team, but they were in a 20 person boat.  They
were just doing a start, when we finished a long piece, to just West of
the Cambie St. Bridge.  We watched them – but some of our paddlers
wanted to do the start against them… and the back half paddlers
propelled our boat forward for about a 16-20 strokes…  Then the other boat watched our start.  We definitely had a great start for only 10 paddlers in a 10 person boat.

New exercise for starts. – really focused on transition to race pace
6 strokes
6 strokes + transition
6 + 6 + transition
6 + 12 + transition
6 + 18 + transition

Our strokes were deep and long with good torque.  I like it. 
We are working on developing a LONG reach + more abdominal and “hinge” work.

Next races are Oct 3, Sunday, UBC Day of the Long Boat
and Oct 9, Saturday, Ft. Langley Cranberry Festival Canoe Regatta

Chinatown Canada tv documentary on OMNI tonight at 8pm

Watch the Chinatown Canada documentary on OMNI TV tonight

Saturday, Aug 21 at 8pm PST on Omni News (BC)

Todd Wong is interviewed about Vancouver Chinatown and see the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team in action at '09 Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival.

The footage was shot last June, when Kerry Beattie contacted me.  I recommended a number of people for them to talk to including Andrew Wong of Wild Rice Restaurant (Andrew's grandfather used to own the Lotus Hotel, where my grandfather Sonny Wong ran the Lotus Cafe Restaurant), and Shirley Chan and many others.

check link for other provinces

Silver Medal @ 3rd Banff Dragon Boat Races

Silver medal @ 3rd Annual Banff Dragon Boat Races, Aug 14/15, 2010.  Banff is named after Banffshire in Scotland, so I wore my new Macleod tartan.

It's been a busy week…..

Thursday I attended my Uncle Victor's funeral
Then… my girlfriend Deb and I drove to Vernon to stay at her parent's home in Vernon, enroute to attend the 3rd annual Banff Dragon Boat Festival.

On Friday morning, we went for a short kayak/canoe paddle, as 4 of our dragon boat team members had joined us at Kalamalka Lake.  We paddled just around Rattlensnake Point, for a good stretch of our paddling muscles.  Then after lunch we headed on the road to Banff.  It was longer than we expected.  I made the mistake of googling for road distance and calculated travel times – that did not take into account winding roads nor road construction.

When we reached Revelstoke, we all agreed not to take the scenic circle route of going to Radium Hot Springs, but instead to proceed straight to Banff.  Along the way, we had a brief stop in Golden BC, and a short visit to Lake Louise.

Upon arrival to Banff, we checked into our motel where the team was staying then headed to the Banff Brewing Company for a bite to eat and some socializing time with team members.

Saturday morning, we climbed on board the buses that took us to Lake Minewaka, where the 3rd annual Banff Dragon Boat Festival was being held.  Our first 200m race was a doozy.  The Dynasty style dragon boats are tippy enough with a round hull as opposed to the traditional double hull dragon boats – but we really did not need the Lane 4 boat Bear Scare going off course and forcing Lane 3 into our lane, and continuing to cut across the lanes until they finished off course, as lane 1 collided into us too.  A time penalty was accessed to Bear Scare team.  We finished off our Saturday racing with a 500m that saw us place 2nd.

Saturday night we went to a social at The Paddock bar, organized for all the dragon boat teams.  Then we went to the Legendary Wild Bill's restaurant where many of our team member's orders got terribly mixed up.  Steaks ordered as rare came out as well-done, and the prime rib that my girlfriend ordered came out as rare.  We did send it back to be returned as well-done minus the vegetables.  We can't recommend the service, but the restaurant was very interesting with cowboy decor, and a fun dance floor that saw a few of our team members joining in for some line dancing.  We did not stay for the KISS tribute band.

On Sunday, we came second in our semi-final heat that placed us into the C Final.  Then we relaxed and took lots of photos at the gorgeous Lake Minewaka site.  I was interviewed for a Banff Tourism video, as the film crew Matt and Jeff asked me questions about why I was in Banff, and what I enjoyed about my visit.  I enthusiastically told them I was in Banff for the dragon boat races, and the water was soooo much cleaner than in Vancouver, and it was great to see all the abundance of wildlife in Banff.

I also told them that I was wearing my kilt, because: 1) Banff was named after Banffshire in Scotland as the town's founders were from Scotland; and 2) the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team celebrates BC's founding pioneering cultures of Scottish and Chinese.

We raced in the C Final Division on Sunday afternoon.  It was a very tight race.  We were behind on the starts but caught up to the leading teams at the half-way mark.  We closely raced to the finish line against our ealier nemesis Bear Scare and an Edmonton team named Rice is Right.  We appeared to pull ahead and challenge Bear Scare for the finish.  All our paddlers dug in deep and reached out for front water, as our drummer Keng called for Power Series.  We called an early finish, and our team paddled harder, knowing we had good cardio training as our team core had been paddling since March – long before Calgary teams could get on the water before the ice melted on the Bow River.  Lanes 1, 2, and 3 all crossed the finish line, practically together.  Further behind in Lane 4, was the Red-Eyed Dragons, which were led by our team captain's cousin. (Talk about family rivalries!)


Spirit of Vancouver GHFC dragon boat team with a strong core of Gung Haggis paddlers, Gung Haggis alumni paddlers, 2 brand new first timers, + Richard's cousin from Calgary.

1/10th of a second was all that separated us between 2nd and 1st place.  Rice is Right came 3rd. We came in second place , as Bear Scare came 1/10th of a second faster than us.

Oh well…. medals for us!!!  We were happy!

Gung Haggis dragon boat team wins silver in A Division a Richmond Dragon Boat Race + Challeng Race

Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat comes 2nd overall at Richmond Dragon
Boat Festival + wins next year's registration as winner of the challenge

38383_523335315966_129500121_31246530_3444548_n by Toddish 
Medals for the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team in Richmond! – photo by Deb Martin

It was a beautiful day at the UBC Rowing Centre in Richmond, just east of the Dinsmore Bridge.  The Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team arrived early and set up their tents and readied their crew.  This year there were only 12 teams entered in the Richmond race, compared to the 30 teams last year.  People kept asking what happened?  Why are there less teams?  My reply is that there are many dragon boat options for teams, with races last week in Nanaimo and Kent WA.  Next week teams will be going to Harrison.  Vernon had originally be set for July 24/25, but was canceled due to low numbers, said the organizers.  As well, last year's race grid eliminated the bottom teams that didn't qualify for finals.  Only the top 16 teams competed for medals + 2 teams for the cancer survivor challenge + 4 teams for the junior challeng.

But the Richmond event went bravely on with 12 teams.

We were warmly greeted by Fred, of the Fraser Dragons teams, who explained to us how tents were being set up on the plastic floor segments that were placed on top of the renovated dike along River Road.  With less teams, there was more room for each team.  Last year there was fresh bark mulch dirt on the top of the new dike that had been raised.  Last year there was long grass along a much lower dike.

The first set of races were head-to-head races with only two teams each.  This meant 6 races.  Teams watched each other race.  Many of the races placed strong mixed teams against all-women teams, that were noticeably slower.  It was a format that was being used to try to find a clear race grid to make  sure all the teams would be placed within their level.  Gung Haggis team raced against Richmond Survivorship.  In the line-up were cheerfully talked with the team of female cancer survivors.  We told our team to race their own race, and to get comfortable with the calls, the Millenium dragon boat, and the paddlers around them, as a few of the paddlers had not practiced with us.

Our roster was filled with many of our team's core paddlers captained by Jim Blatherwick who diligently worked out our lineups.  Tzhe and Christine were our lead strokers with Karen R. joining Jim as mid-stroke.  We also added two new paddlers such as Guillaume who is on a work visa from Belgium, and Chris who had only about 5 practices since joining us after the Rio Tinto Alcan Festival.  Experienced paddlers such as Steve and Cristina joined us from Metro Vancouver 44 Cheeks.  They had raced with our 49+ team at RTA.  Lisa and Dominic are experienced paddlers on other teams, that raced with us last year at Richmond, and join us when they can because they enjoy our team's camaraderie.  Dan first started on our team back in 2004, but joined other teams in the quest for higher competitive levels.  But he always enjoys paddling with us and had also joined us in May for the Lotus regatta in Burnaby, as does Thony, originally from the Phillipine PYROS team, but has now started a team for Phillipine paddlers in Vancouver.


Dominic enjoys paddling with Gung Haggis so much, he turned a tartan sash into a tartan head wrap! – photo courtesy of Dave Samis.

Debbie was our drummer.  Her calls were strong, as we had trained her for the RTA Festival.  Todd was our steers.  As coach for the team, he also looked to see how the team was working together and made changes and critiques where needed.

Gung Haggis Fat Choy had a good start and we quickly out paced the Richmond Survivorship before we paddled under the Dinsmore Bridge from the Finish Line.  Throughout this set of six races, we watched the other team's times to see who were the fastest that we would meet in the A Final.  Three teams had faster times than us.

The second set of races included 3 boats per heat.  Each race featured one of the winning boats from the first set of 6 races.  This helped to further sort the teams.  We raced against two teams that we handily beat.  We now put Keng on the drum seat, and Dave Samis as steersperson.

For the final race, we were joined by our “Buddy Team” Flight Centre, plus Booze Cruise, and the junior team Surgin' Sturgeons.  The river was flowing down faster in the mid-afternoon.  Booze Cruise had the outside lane, we were next.  Flight Centre on our right, closer to shore, and Surgin' Sturgeons closest to shore.  The horn sounded, and we all dug our paddles hard into the water.  Booze Cruise jumped ahead with a mighty start.  We moved into our power series, and started to leave Flight Centre behind.

Keng called some power series, as Dan called “Push” to the backs.  We dug our paddles deeper.  We reached for the front water to pull our boat up more. 

We came 2nd.  YAY!!!!  Silver medals were headed our way.  Much sweeter than the split-second lost last year when we came 4th in A Division.  But last year being in A was an unexpected treat.  This year we knew that we had to be in A – but where?

34840_523334821956_129500121_31246502_2739819_n by you.
The team races during the figure 8 Challenge
course.  Debbie Drums and Todd steers – photo courtesy of Karen

Next came the challenge race.  A course was set up, and teams had to make a left turn, then turn right around a far boy, then make a left turn on the far side, then come through the narrowly spaced buoys marking both the start and the finish.   We saw the first teams out-shoot the turns and end up making really wide turns.  We saw some teams disqualified because the turned around the wrong buoys or missed the finish gate completely.

As we climbed into the boat, I told our paddlers that Gung Haggis Fat Choy had been the first Canadian team to do dragon boat barrel races in Seattle, organized by Tacoma DBA.  It was myself and Bob Brinson who brought the concept to the Taiwanese dragon boat races, and it spread to Harrison.  I had steered those races and helped develop the concept, so some of our core members remembered those races and how we paddled to make tighter turns.

We did our start through the gates, banking left.  I steered our boat wider to enter the turn, so we would have a better angle with the river's downstream current hit us.  Debbie and I yelled turn, and our paddlers went into action, using a draw stroke to help us get around the turn.  The far buoy turn was tough.  The river pushed us down stream, and I had to turn us slightly upstream to cross the river and get around the final turn.  I made a great turn, and we raced to the finish gate with the best angle that any boat had done.  Our friends on the shore watching, later told us that the announcer had complimented our turns, as he gave us the best time, setting a record fastest time for the course.  As we docked, lots of the fellow racers and dock volunteers cheered for us.  We had the fastest time by 20 seconds.  Wow!

They called up the winners from each of the C, B and A divisions.  They called Gung Haggis Fat Choy and gave us the silver medals for A division.  They asked us to wait, as they awarded us the prize for the Challenge race too.  – Free registration for next year's Richmond dragon boat race!

Everybody on our team had a great day.  We complimented each other, as well as our friends on other teams.

37488_1453938661443_1022594627_1363636_5252888_n by Toddish 
Great team mates, friends and paddlers – lots of smiles on Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team following the A Division Final – photo Deb Martin

Gung Haggis dragon boat team ready for Richmond dragon boat race

2010_May_Todd_BDay 033 by you.
We had our last practice on Tuesday evening, to prime our team for the Richmond Dragon Boat races set for this Saturday July 17.  It was the first time we had 20 people in the boat for awhile, since getting ready for the Alcan Rio Tinto Dragon Boat Festival on June 19 & 20.

The team is looking mighty nice.  We worked on starts and transitions.  We rotated 2 drummers Debbie and Keng, as well as 2 steers – myself and Dave.

Our first race will be at heat 2 @ 10:10 at the UBC Rowing Centre in Richmond, against Richmond Survivorship.

Our 2nd race should be at Heat 8 @ 11:30, 3rd race Heat 11 @ 12:45.
We hope to make it into the Grand Final at 2pm.

Last year we made it to the A Final, and were a split second from the bronze medal.  This year we hope to medal in the A Final.

Read last year's story
Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team places 4th overall at Richmond
Dragon Boat Races

Gung Haggis races in B Division and receives Silver Medals for Senior B Race

Gung Haggis dragon boat team had their BEST placing at the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival ever.
DSC_9604_156548 - Sarah Blyth & Todd Wong by 

Parks Commissioner Sarah Blyth was named Honorary Drummer for the 2010
Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team – photo Patrick Tam

We raced for medals in the Rec B Finals – making 6th place.

Our path was paved with friendly rivalries, beating our friends Metro Vancouver 44 Cheeks in the morning semi-finals, and just one second ahead of our friends Flight Centre Dirty Oars in the Rec B Final.

Gung Haggis paddlers were seen sporting silver medals from the Senior B 49+ years age category race.  We put together Gung Haggis Friends including other paddlers from 44 Cheeks, Crusaders, Pirates, Ft. Langley and Swordfish + drummer from Killarney.  We were second to Masters of D'Zone who were 12 seconds ahead of us and a Comp A ranked team.

Other news:  The Killarney Cougar Dragons won Bronze medals in Junior C Division, coached by Gung Haggis paddlers Todd and Steven Wong.  Killarney's teacher sponsor is Gung Haggis alumni Stuart Mackinnon.

Congratulations to all racers!