Tickets via VISA or Master Card through Firehall Arts Centre

Tickets will soon be available through the Firehall Arts Centre, after Jan 5th.  You can use Visa or Master Card to reserve your tickets. 

There will be a small service charge for this service.  Your tickets will be reserved in advance and wating for you at the Will Call line at the Flamingo Restaurant on Fraser St.  Be sure to arrive early before 6pm to avoid the line up rush so you can grab the best seats at your table and have a dram of Glenlivet in hand or Scottish lager while the latecomers gasp in amazement.

Phone Firehall Box Office: 604-689-0926

Firehall Arts Centre is a wonderful Vancouver Instituition dedicated to presenting theatre with an emphasis on multiculturalism.  Executive Director Donna Spencer will also be donating 2 sets of tickets to upcoming shows for the raffle draws at Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner events.

This will include The Plum Tree, directed by Adrienne Wong – one of the co-hosts for GHFC Dinners.  Adrienne was also a paddler and flag grabber on the Gung Haggis Dragon Boat team for 2003.

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