Gung Haggis Fat Choy featured on

Gung Haggis Fat Choy will soon be known to thousands of travellers to Vancouver.  It is featured in the latest copy of Where Vancouver – available from your local hotel concierge.

Check out the following web site and look under features for “Moonstruck.”

Vancouver's Chinese-Canadian community celebrates the Lunar New Year by going out for dinner
by Tim Pawsey

Another cross-cultural incursion on familiar customs, Gung Haggis Fat Choy is a hybrid event that welcomes the Year of the Monkey and pays homage to Scottish poet Robbie Burns all in the same evening (Jan. 25). The East-meets-West Burns Night/New Year is the brainchild of “Toddish McWong,” who led in his first haggis while a tour guide at Simon Fraser University. Todd Wong (his real name) is a seventh-generation Canadian who set out to create “a fun event that celebrates the similarities in our common cultures.” Looks like he succeeded. Some 400 people will show up for the sold-out banquet at Flamingo Chinese Restaurant (3489 Fraser St.; 604-877-1231). On the menu, plenty of poetry and song saluting Scottish, Chinese and Canadian cultural connections; plenty of fat cho sea moss; and haggis—marched in with bagpipes, properly “addressed,” and served sweet and sour, of course.

Publication Date: 12/2003

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