Gung Haggis Wun-Tun lives again!!!

Haggis in Wun-Tun?!?! Deep fried or in soup?!?! That's what happened Wednesday evening at the Flamingo, as their chefs prepared a special research and development taste-testing dinner. We tried out some various sauces and haggis a la cuisine chinoise. Personally, I grew up with Chinese cooking and while I have enjoyed the best french, swiss, italian and japanese restaurants in Vancouver, chinese is still my favorite cuisine.
Gung Haggis Wun-Tun is an idea that Jim Wong-Chu and I cooked up sometime after the 2003 dinner. Being involved with Multiculturalism, and especially as purveyors of the Asian Canadian Arts scene as executive board members for Asian Canadian Writers' Workshop, we try to stay tuned into the trends, and push the envelope as we see fit. Mixing Scottish haggis with Chinese culinary technique is a given that was bound to happen at a Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner.

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