City TV features Gung Haggis Wun-Tun etc on City Cooks

CityCooks did a taping for Gung Haggis Fat Choy today. It will air on January 22, Thursday – actual Chinese New Year Day. Flamingo Restaurant owner and manager Joseph Lee did the cooking. He proved his ability to perform under pressure, particularly when CITY Cooks producer Manual Fonseca asked him to come up with a third dish at only 3pm yesterday – less than 20 hours before we would appear in the CITY studios.

Joseph appeared on CITY cooks with me last year. Normally he is never in the kitchen, as his main role is as Manager for Flamingo House Chinese Restaruant on Cambie St. But Joseph was present when the Flamingo on Fraser St. prepared the Gung Haggis Wun-tun and Spring Rolls on Monday evening in preparation for Gung Haggis Fat Choy Poetry Night. Joseph altered the recipes slightly so that they could be more easily prepared at home.

CITY Cooks host Simi Sara really seemed to enjoy the blend of Chinese Haggis Fusion cooking happening on the set. Last year, she managed to avoid tasting haggis with plum sauce but this time around she actually tried eating the haggis spring rolls and stuffed tofu. “It's quite good!” she exclaimed. After the taping was over, the production crew swarmed the set and quickly devoured the haggis-stuffed tofu, haggis wun-tun and haggis spring rolls.

more interesting news…

CBC National News left a phone message for me to call them… Gung Haggis Fat Choy may be going national again in the media – but this time on tv!

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