Mark Ferris to perform at GungHaggisChoy

Mark Ferris, violinist, concertmaster of the Vancouver Opera and also a multi-media artist, will be performing at the Saturday Gung Haggis Fat Choy Dinner!

Here's Mark's bio:


Mark Ferris has been a professional violinist in Vancouver for over fourteen years performing regularly with the CBC Radio Orchestra, Vancouver Opera and the Vancouver Symphony. He is also the current Concertmaster of Sinfonia, Orchestra of the North Shore and as of May 2003, he is Concertmaster of the Vancouver Opera. Mark's passion of music performance and digital audio production has also led him to being a music producer, composer, arranger, instructor, music contractor and consultant to the arts and media industries – tv, film, video, music/audio recordings, live music, dance, theatre, gaming, broadcast and new media.


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