CBC TV Special “Gung Haggis Fat Choy” + CBC Radio: All in one Day!!!

“Wow! What a show… fast moving – lots of interesting topics. Truly
quirky and at times full of irreverent trivia about Scots and Chinese –
just like the actual Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner. Producer Moyra
Rodgers effectively captured the essence of the Toddish McWong Robbie
Burns Chinese New Year dinner.

I especially loved the animation segments that were extremely
reminescent of the old Monty Python's Flying Circus television
bits.  And the bits of trivia… such as how many times the size
or population of Scotland could fit into China – how fittingly
self-describes as “a completely uselsss bit of information.”

Quirky, irreverent, fun, educational, interesting… a juxtaposition
of diverse cultures giving new views of what it means to be Canadian. I
love it! Good on you Moyra! And to Rae too, especially for having the
vision and the courage to take a risk on Gung Haggis Fat Choy.
Afterall, 400 people at last year's dinner can't be wrong… and almost
another 600 people have already bought tickets for the the two nights
for Jan 24th & 25th, creating a 50% increase from last year.

This afternoon, soprano Heather Pawsey and I appeared on the CBC
Radio show The Afternoon Show with Kathryn Gretsinger and Fairchild
radio host Deborah Moore. Debra and Kathryn asked me about the origins of
Gung Haggis Fat Choy. Debra even asked what I was wearing under the
kilt! True to the code, I dinna gie her a straight answer! “We'll go
for a wee walk after the show,” I told her…

I brought Gung Haggis Wun-tun and spring rolls as an offering to
these queens of afternoon radio. And I brought along my accordion and
new friend Heather Pawsey. Heather is an accomplished classical soprano
singer who regularly appears with the Vancouver Opera and will be the
lead principle in the Feburary production of the Burnaby Lyric Opera.
While Heather was raised on a steady diet of Burns dinners since she
was a little girl, she has recently been singing in mandarin and has
developed a real appreciation for Chinese music and culture. There is
nobody better that I could think of to bring to the special Chinese New
Year programming day for CBC and Fairchild Radio at Aberdeen Mall in
Richmond BC.

After dropping Heather off back in Vancouver so she could prepare
for her evening gig at the Pan Pacific doing “Opera Nights,” I had
dinner with my girlfriend and her parents – visiting from Vernon BC.
This is what they had to say about it:

“I like it,” says Pat Martin, “Loved the blend of cultures… I
liked the music. I love the idea of dinner tomorrow. I love the idea of
watching the dinner show tomorrow and I can hardly wait to see who is
on. Waiting for lots of laughs.”

“I enjoyed the show thoroughly,” said her husband Bill Martin, who
is looking forward to having haggis at the dinner, and wants to take
some home to friends in Vernon. We watched for all the credits for our
friends and family.After the show was over, my girlfriend gave me a big
hug. She is very proud of me.

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