Vancouver Sun reappraises “Terracotta Warriors” and writes “Law 'bang-on' with Centre”

Today's Vancouver Sun put Dr. Dennis Law on page 1 of the Arts & Life section with the headline “Law 'bang-on' with Centre.  Writer Peter Birnie writes:

“Many people consider Dr. Dennis Law a visionary, but the future looked a little cloudy this week for the Denver impresario who bought the former Ford Centre and brouth it back to life as The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts.

“Law was roasted by critics, some more than others, when the recent opening night of his “action musical” Terracotta Warriors suffered many technical glitches…”

Birnie goes on to quote Calgary Theatre critic Louis B. Hobson who called Terracotta Warriors “seamless and compelling” as well as quotes from Vancouver Civic Theatres Manager Rae Ackerman: “I think he's absolutely on to something important, but he's ahead of the curve in terms of trying to address the multicultural audience that we have n Vancouver.  It's a big issue for all of us down the road, and he's bang-on in trying to address that.  He's just a bit early.”

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