Changing the Meanings of Chinatown

Changing the Meanings of Chinatown

UBC professors Henry Yu and Jean Barman look at the history of Chinatown. 

This should be a very interesting lecture and discussion.  Two
years ago in 2002, I hosted a reading event at Vancouver Public Library
Central branch titled “Storis From Chinatown”.  It featured
writers Paul Yee, SKY Lee and Jim Wong-Chu.  Throughout the
evening we entertained the “ideas” of Chinatown was dependent on the
person's individual experience and that “Chinatown” meant different
things to different people. 

The same summer, I hosted another event at the library featuring a
slide show and commentary by Dr. Wallace Chung and a talk by Chinatown
News founder and publisher Roy Mah.

SFU Harbour Campus
515 W. Hastings
July 22, 7pm  free

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