MADE IN CHINA: CBC/BBC radio show on the Chinese Diaspora

The following is from Adrienne Wong, an actor friend that was featured in a special CBC Radio/BBC project about the Chinese disaspora.  Adrienne is a wonderful actor and you are blessed when she includes you in her circle of friends.  Recently, she performed at Firehall Arts Centre productions of Golden Child and Between Places.

Do you believe in second chances? I do. Some of you know about the radio project I was involved in called MADE IN CHINA.

As the sole Canadian actor I performed over a satellite link with the other performers in London from 2AM to 10AM! The project combines radio drama, documentary and music and is co-produced by the CBC and the BBC Worldservice.

It aired internationally several months ago, and hits Canadian airwaves this summer! Second chance: Sunday July 25 at 10:05 pm (11:05 pm Maritimes & 11:35 pm Newfoundland) on Sunday Showcase on CBC Radio One and if you miss THAT...

Third chance: Monday July 26 at 9:05 pm (9:35 in Newfoundland) on In Performance on CBC Radio Two I've attached a description below... adrienne

Made in China By Kevin Wong (Manchester, UK) With music by Ya-Wen Vivienne Wang (Vancouver, Canada) performed by the Orchid Ensemble (Vancouver, Canada) The Chinese are perhaps the most widely dispersed people around the world. As part of a special season on the BBC World Service, a drama-documentary collaboration was commissioned, entitled Made in China.

This co-production with CBC combines the talents of British-based writer Kevin Wong and Taiwanese-Canadian composer and performance artist Ya-Wen Vivienne Wang. It gives voice to the stories of the Chinese diaspora, many of which have remained untold.

Using drama and documentary recorded in both Canada and the UK, Made in China also gives an insight into what it means to be a second or third generation Chinese outside the borders of that country.

From a six year old boy in Liverpool to a retired opera singer in Vancouver, there are many surprises along the way. Made in China also includes a guest appearance by the celebrity chef, Ken Hom, who has created a special diaspora recipe for this play. Made in China was recorded in London and Vancouver by producers Marion Nancarrow (BBC) and Kathleen Flaherty (CBC).

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