Info for Vancouver Intl Taiwanese DB Race

There is no managers' meeting.  The racers' village and race operation areas are very close to each.  If info needs to be transmitted to the teams, we will use a megaphone and let everyone know.  If you want to ask any questions relating to certain areas of race operations, please ask the following people in their related area.  Remember that the finish line area and judges are extremely busy.  Please keep the questions short and limited.
Trev –  Finish Line
John – Finish Line and pre-race registrations
Richard and Jerome – Race Directors
Francis – Dockmaster
Kat – Volunteer Coordinator
Todd – Public Announcements and Race Commentaries
Starter – at Science World – Connie, Evan and Washington
Marshall – Kurt
Karen – Registration desk outside the Festival Venue on Saturday
Registration Desk is at the DBA booth inside the Festival Venue
Referees – Bob, Rob and Mike
There will be a DBA registration desk outside the festival venue entrance on Saturday from 9 to 10:30 am for teams who have not pick up their passes.  There is no racers' entrance.   Public and paddlers enter into the festival venue through the same gate.  Again, there is a free parking lot at Ontario and 1st Avenue.   A shuttle bus will run from the parking lot to the Plaza from 9 am on.  Walking  distance from that parking lot to the Plaza is between 10 to 20 minutes depending on how fast you walk.
All fun races and the barrel races, please register at the registration desk, DBA booth.  There should be info on the barrel races there.  The barrel race is one team of 10 paddlers racing against time around 3 barrels(buoys).  All fun races are free. 
Thanking for entering our Races and have fun,

Dragon Boat Association
Phone: 604-339-8555

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