10am race for Ctr for Spiritual Living / Gung Haggis dragon boat team – meeting at 9am for 9:15 marshalling for 10:00 race

Hi All (for one and one for all)….. like a dragon we ROAR!!!
Glad to hear so many people had a great time for Saturday.  Thank you to the many people who stepped up to the plate in leadership, in my absence.  Truly you are all leaders, and a team, and I am very pleased you are working so well together.  I had dinner tonight with Tom, Nick and a past Gung Haggis member, and we talked about how well this team meshed, especially with so many beginners.  It is very heartening to see people willingly help out taking the public paddling… very good karma points, and demonstrates the good heart this team has.
Race time for Sunday morning:
10am… I think….(not certain, but very probable)
so please arrive before 9am…  8:45 to help set up tent etc…
We must be ready to marshal at 9:15am…
We are in Division D
7 teams in each division.
There will be two races for division D, at 10:00 and 10:15.  We are in one of them.  Only the teams finishing 1st or 2nd will advance to the medal final.  Let's make it happen!
Nick, Tom and I will also be racing with Spirit of Vancouver in Division B.
Candace and Chip will be unable to join us, as they will be at service on Sunday – hopefully they will join us as soon as they can.
Medals at 4pm to 5pm… I think….
I will be the MC for medals… I know my voice will hold after yelling a lot while drumming and steering for 2 teams.
After dinner – we go to FLOATA for a team dinner. 
cost is aprox: $15 to $20 gratuities and taxes included.
Cheers, Todd

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