Bob's Lounge: Dec 17 2004 – hosted by Battery Opera's David McIntosh

Review:  Bob's Lounge.

December 17th, 2004

Secret Location

I performed and survived at Bob's Lounge.

The audience LOVED me!
What the hell is Bob’s Lounge?

Well…  according to the invitation…

“Bob’s Lounge provides a couch on which to lounge, and two men in silken bathrobes who perform a  liturgy of love and longing, while drinking green martinis.  Bob's Lounge has performed at the Vancouver International Dance Festival, the Dance Centre, and at Dances for a Small Stage.

“a louche supergroup…Vegas-era Elvis with manly stoicism…insane collision of Roy Orbison and the Third Reich…glorious.”
– Discorder

appearing in Bob’s lounge this night are David McIntosh (vocals & tape loops) & Max Murphy (baritone saxophone, keyboards).

With special guests: Lee Su-Feh, Liz Hamel,
Ron Stewart, John Korsrud, Paul Ternes, Ziyian Kwan, & Toddish McWong

David and Max performed a variety of songs which vaguely sounded like celtic songs you would sing at a wake, as well as popular songs put in an entirely absurd context of lounge music by vocals and baritone sax.  Some of the songs they sang are old traditional Scottish or English songs sung lounge style.  They even performed a killer version of Procol Harum's “Conquistador”.  Max Murphy did an outstanding job riffing on his bari saxophone.  Guest trumpeter John Ternes played a solo that caught everybody by surprise, garnering a spontaneous applause… then David McIntosh brought the house down with the final verse and chorus.
When David invited me up,  I introduced my poem and singalong song as about the pioneer sojourners from China and Scotland – “My Chow Mein / Haggis Lies Over the Ocean.”  People loved it – they listened to the poetry parts, and they sang along to the chorus, based on “My Bonnie Chow Mein Lies Over the Ocean” – an old Scottish song with Chow Mein or Haggis substituted for “Bonnie”.  Next I performed the “Haggis Rap” a resetting of Rober Burns classic “Address to the Haggis” into a rap context – and again they loved it.  “As Langs My Arm” became a running commentary for the rest of the evening.  Immediately – I was invited to perform some more later.  One person who was so amazed at my performance, said they were going to tell their family about my performance, and how they were not going to believe it.
My second turn up on stage turned into a singalong to “Loch Lomand” – David McIntosh sang the verses, then we led the singalong choruses of “You Take the High Road, and I'll Take the Low Road.   This was followed by my dramatic accordion solo of Johannes Brahms' “Hungarian Dance No. 5.” a great climatic ending.  Again – which people loved.  How many people have ever witnessed a passionate performance of the old classical favorite “Hungarian Dance No. 5” in the close quarters of a jazz lounge?  And they may never witness so again!
Jaime is going to send me pictures to post – so check back soon.
As well, I have invited David McIntosh to perform with Gung Haggis Fat Choy for First Night Vancouver.  Come to our show in the Fun Too! lounge, which will be geared for families with singalongs and cultural twists.

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