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Almost Finished! our dragon boat head carvings for Gung Haggis dragon boat team

Carving dragon boat heads is a lot of work.  Imagine standing
while hammering and chiseling for almost 5 hours a day.  Both Bob
Brinson and I were there everyday.  Bob supervised our carving
when I had to work at the library, and I supervised when he had his

The carving experience exceeded our expectations of how much fun and
how much work it would be.  I would definitely recommend it for
every dragon boat team to try.  It brings everybody together both
on the team, and amongst the teams in the workshop.  We
recommended that 6 teams would be a good number and having a minimum of
6 people from each team participating.  We were definitely plagued
by a lack of participants as many of our team members were unable to
attend the mid-week carving sessions.  I would definitely
recommend including TWO weekends, as Saturdays and Sundays would also
encourage the most spectators. 

The first time you do anything is always a challenge.  We have
lots of pictures
and stories to share over beers and nachos now. 

See all our carving pictures at

Global Discoveries 2005 – Call for emerging World Music Artists + Showcase

a great opportunity for emerging World Musci Artists to be discovered
and receive valuable development information – Check out:

Global Discoveries 2005

Call for World Music Artists:
Showcase &
Commercial Drive Festival
Info: 604-684-5535

World Rhythms
, in association with Britannia Community Services Centre,
is seeking emerging and undiscovered world music artists based in
British Columbia to perform at a Showcase event on April 29, 30 &
May 1, 2005. We will also be offering free Professional Development
workshops related to the World Music industry with special guest
presenters.  More Established World Music groups can apply to the
Global Discoveries Festival on Commercial Drive.

Application deadlines:
Showcase: March 4, 2005
Festival: March 11, 2005
Auditions for Showcase: March 18-20
Workshops and Public Showcase Performance
: April 29, 30, & May 1

The Global Discoveries Showcase will:
> Provide unknown professional artists from diverse cultural communities
the opportunity to reach producers of cultural events
> Provide an opportunity for emerging artists to network with established professionals in the world music community

Spotlight Showcases
year, in addition to our regular showcase presentations,Global
Discoveries will include 2 new spotlight showcases.  These showcases
will feature vibrant trends in world music today:

> Latin Music – traditional expressions and contemporary dance music
> Electronica – Worldbeat Fusion: DJ's collaborating with world music artists.

These 2 Showcases will be part of the Global Discoveries Festival on Commercial Drive.

Media reports for Vancouver's first dragon boat head & tail carving experience!

Watch City TV for February 25th 11pm news.
Watch Vancouver Sun – not the Saturday edition – but next week soon.

Watch CBC TV – afternoon programs throughout March for “B-Connected” – Community updates throughout the day.

Anita Webster – media and communications coordinator for the Alcan
Dragon Boat Festival sent out press releases and contacted media to
alert them to the first-ever dragon boat head & tail carving
workshop in North America.

CBC TV had filmed us on Monday, Wednesday and came in on Friday for a
final report to check out progress development.  Laurence Knight
was director of the sequences that were filmed on Friday afternoon.

City TV came down as well, and filmed each of the dragon boat heads and
the teams in action.  Somehow… I was asked to give an
explanation on camera, about what was happening.  “We are carving
dragon boat heads and tails out of cedar logs.  The first time
ever this has happened that I know of, in North America.  Four
teams were selected for this pilot project.  Abreast in a Boat,
Women on Water came all the way from Ft. Langley, The Wong Way – a
family of Wongs… and Gung Haggis Fat Choy – the team that specializes
in multicultural fun highlighting Chinese and Scottish culture,” I said
wearing my green Gung Haggis Fat Choy t-shirt proudly.

It was kind of fun with the tv cameras in for the final day.  We
were proud of the work we had accomplished.  Each team has come a
long way.  We all marvelled at each others works of art. 
Every dragon has its own personality.  I hope every team can have
this wonderful chance to create something special like we had.