How to Wear a Kilt – “Bear” has taught me a lot

Bear (centre in the picture) of Bear Kilts has taught me some of the finer things about wearing a kilt everyday.  Bear made the maple leaf tartan I wore with Peter Mansbridge on CBC TV's The National.  Bear gave away a ready to make kilt for Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner which much to my mom's dismay – my father won!

Bear has started up a new blog and has this to say about wearing kilts.

Kilts = more

More fun, more self respect, more life….

Kilts Make You Stronger
“Aren't you cold in that thing”…

Kilts Faux Pas
What's the worst kilt faux pas you've seen…

Goin' Commando

There are three ways to describe…

Kilts and Chicks
Why do women love men in kilts?

Physics and Kilts
What makes kilts so comfortable to wear?

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