Senses: New Show featuring Tang Jia Li at the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts

Check out the following for the new show at the Centre in 
Vancouver for Performing Arts. I enjoyed the previous
productions of Heaven and Earth and Terracotta Warrriors.
I admit some background in Chinese history and mythology
helped make it more enjoyable, but Terracotta Warriors
held up well with repeated viewings, with its incredible
acrobatics and martial arts. For me, attending Chinese
oriented productions is really attending something from a
different culture, as I am a 5th generation Vancouverite.

I used to hate seeing Chinese opera and films (until we
discovered Bruce Lee movies!) But I found it really
resonated that I can explore and enjoy Chinese culture
- truly one of the world's great cultures that is so often
misinterpreted and misunderstood in Western Society
(knowing firsthand -after growing in misinterpreted and
misunderstood in Canadian socity... am I Cbinese?
or am I Canadian? gee... how about a little of both!)

See my reviews and pictures of last year's production
Terracotta Warriors



A Song and Dance Concert to Arouse your Senses!

A Celebration of Chinese Womanhood featuring dancer
Tang Jia Li


Billed as the song and dance concert that arouses all your senses,
this show has an added theme of celebrating the beauty and artistry
of Chinese womanhood.

Senses, the show, will feature each evening a pair of dancers, two
singers (a tenor and a female Chinese folk singer), nine female
musicians, and six accompanying dancers.


The headlining female dancer is Tang Jia Li, famous not only
because of her dancing agility but also because of her exquisite
beauty and elegance as seen through her well-known and artistic
library of nude photography. Together with the rest of the female
cast of Senses, the world will appreciate a new and modern face
of Chinese women not previously seen before.


Through specially orchestrated music that fuses the best of the
East with the best of the West, Senses will showcase to the
audience a different side of Chinese stage art and culture. Without
discarding the hallmarks of Chinese tradition and history, Senses
will reveal a new style and attitude of appropriate slogans for this
unusual live-stage presentation of Chinese female artists.


This show will truly arouse all your senses!

 Parental Discretion Advised

One thought on “Senses: New Show featuring Tang Jia Li at the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts

  1. Anonymous

    I missed this show. Does anyone know if it will be repeated? Will Tang Jiali be coming back to Vancouver any time soon with a different show?


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