Victoria Dragon Boat Festival Aug 13-14, 2005

Victoria Dragon Boat Festival

Registration now available.
August 13-14, 2005
Victoria Inner Harbour

Download HERE, or get it at the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival web site.

I always enjoyed the more relaxed
atmosphere of the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival from 1997 to
2003.  But after 7 years, I grew tired of chasing and waiting for
the ferries, while the festival grew increasingly larger.  It was
always a great time to visit with cousins and friends in

It has also an opportunity to paddle and race with different
teams.  In 1997, I got my first taste of a top recreation/comp
team as I was able to paddle one race with The Coasters.  The
following year I started a tradition of paddling/coaching with the
Civil Serpents that lasted until 2001, when I paddled with Team GM/Roli
for the rest of the summer. 2002 & 2003 were lots of fun, as I
joined up with Team Dieselfish from San Francisco, and helped
facilitate mergers with Civil Serpents '02 and Gung Haggis '03.

Paddling in the Victoria Harbour is always an adventure when the
Anacortes Ferry come in, or a sea plane is taking off/landing or the
waters are more choppy in the outer harbour.  It's vacation time
for Vancouver paddlers who are always searching for a good party to
find on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights.  Staying over on
Sunday night is always best – enjoy the beer garden, go to
dinner/dancing with paddler friends, then take your time coming back on
the ferry on Monday after a relaxing brunch.

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