Encouraging Women in Politics: Singing “The Ballad of Ellen Woodsworth”

Encouraging Women in Politics: Singing “The Ballad of Ellen Woodsworth”
Very fun evening.
It opened with Ellen Woodsworth and Libby Davies speaking about their
experiences in politics, and wanting to encourage more women in

I was a featured guest performer too!
I joked that I was the token male.
…that the qualifications were a male had to wear a “skirt”, have
attended a women's studies course, and spoke about women's health
issues on the CBC Radio. Thankfully I qualified for all of the above
(cheers and applause).

As an Asian male, I could relate to the challenges that women faced in
politics. Afterall politics is dominated by white males… and Asian
males are a minority. And like women, Asian males are taken less
seriously than White males. Asian males, like women, also are slightly
smaller than white males. We also have less body hair too!

I performed “The Ballad of Ellen Woodsworth” in honour of her birthday.
Earlier in the month, I had talked with Ellen about the importance for
Vancouver to have its own Poet Laureate – someone who could imortalize
the current events, or mark special events for Vancouver history for

So… for her birthday celebration I volunteered to write something
special for Ellen. I scoured the internet for biographical material and
asked her questions about her values and her life. Then I carefully
documented the significant achievements of her life, identified her
values, her goals and her dreams… and crafted the words to fit the
rhythm of my chosen form.
Basically, I took the tune of “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic”
and added my own verses. It was fun.
I will add it here tomorrow… so stay tuned.

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