Todd joins the Canadian Club of Vancouver

The Canadian Club is one of Canada's oldest and prestigious
associations, founded in 1906.  There are chapter clubs all across
Click here for the list

I was invited to join the board of the Canadian Club, and was elected
at the 2005 Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, June 28th.  And so
I join other illustrious board directors such as the Hon. Garde Gardom,
former Lt. Gov. of BC.  Tuesday's luncheon honoured all the
winners of the SOARS program, which recognizes excellence for high
school students in the areas sucha as academics, sports, citizenship.

Following the luncheon,  The Hon. Garde Gardom made a gracious
point of congratulating each of SOARS winners as well as the new board

The Canadian Club is planning on presenting more special events rather
than their monthly luncheons.  This is both to reflect the
increasing diversity and specialness of Canada.  I  know that
I am looking forward to contributing to the programming and
presentation side of theses events.

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